Resetting Your Reiki Mindset

Reiki healingOnce upon a time, many years ago, long before websites and email, when requests for Reiki sessions came only by phone, I listened to a prospective client’s voicemail and had a breakthrough.

I saw my mind holding a strange expectation. It was assuming the person asking about my services really didn’t want them and wouldn’t book a session, that I’d go through my Reiki spiel and it wouldn’t go anywhere.

I’d had intuitions about a prospective client before, and I followed them. If I sensed I wasn’t a good match for someone, I would happily refer that person to a professional I’d trained. No one is the best fit for everyone, and I want everyone to make a good Reiki connection.

But that wasn’t what was happening. This was not an intuition; it was a negative expectation.

Some part of me was certain the person was not really interested, even though she had gone to the trouble to make an inquiry. Even though I was a professional with a successful Reiki practice, one of very few at the time who worked in hospitals.

That scene from the Wizard of Oz came to mind, when Toto pulls back the curtain to expose the man behind the wizard.

I took a slow breath and contemplated what I’d just seen. That expectation of Reiki rejection felt familiar. It wasn’t an isolated assumption. I had just discovered a mindset, a chronic expectation of being misunderstood and devalued.

Not such great expectations

As Reiki practitioners — professionals or at home — we know what it’s like to share our practice and not be taken seriously. Or worse, to feel judged. We’ve all been there.

It’s frustrating, and it’s confusing. We have such a valuable practice, something gentle and effective that helps people be happier and healthier, and yet doors shut in front of us.

It’s painful. It’s isolating.

And it’s unnecessary.

Tending your Reiki mindset

Once I got a peek at that negative expectation, I set my mind on changing my mindset.

And my behavior. I knew the expectation of Reiki rejection must be coloring my interactions, and I was determined to do better.

Once I was willing to change — once I wanted to change — I was able to. It took a while, as I was in uncharted territory without a compass or a mentor. I started to closely observe my Reiki conversations, and let people’s responses guide me.

I learned as much from the positive responses as I did from the negative ones, and I incorporated the feedback. The quality of my Reiki conversations — and the outcomes — started changing. Over time, they changed a lot. I developed an approach that works.

What has worked so well for me, and for the Reiki practitioners I’ve mentored in the last twenty years, will work for you, too.

Imagine the difference

What would it mean to you to get people’s attention when you speak about Reiki? And I mean get their attention in a good way, so they are asking for more, not running down the block?

If you are a Reiki professional, it would mean you could grow your business so you can thrive and help more people.

But it’s also important to you home practitioners. You want to be recognized by the people you love, and you want to help them. Imagine if your words made a bridge between your loved ones and Reiki.

Find your words, use your words

Step into your unique experience of Reiki and find your own words to share it. The descriptive words that resonate with you will more likely inspire the people you speak to.

Finding your own words to express your Reiki experience is empowering. Are you ready to taste that sweet exhilaration?

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2 thoughts on “Resetting Your Reiki Mindset”

  1. Reading your post Pamela helped me realize that I spoke about my Reiki practice without conviction that it will help people be willing to try a session.
    Being misunderstood is one thing that comes to my mind when I talk about my practice then I do not really want to impose on people my ideas. This uncertainty of the outcome of a conversation was the main reason I joined your first Write Reiki program in April. When the program ended I realize that writing on a piece of paper helped my mindset and my insights were just complementing my Reiki hands on practice. I did not stop there and I joined the Write Reiki in July with the curiosity of a child playing again in familiar settings. That program brought an even deeper understanding of my practice paying attention even more to the connection I made online with the colleagues having the same desire of helping themselves help others have a happier, healthier life. This days I talk freely about my Reiki practice with no expectation of an outcome and notice people start listening.

  2. This article makes me feel so much better! I often have a negative mindset about people’s attitudes to Reiki and have experienced the Spanish inquisition on several occasions from people who cannot believe something that they cannot tangibly see. I hadn’t realised till I read your article that I have a negative mindset (not always) and am actually projecting skepticism about something I genuinely know and believe to be an incredible healing system!
    You’re right we should all have enthusiasm and feel empowered to share our experiences. Thank you!

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