Daily self Reiki
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Daily Self Reiki Challenge

Are you ready to spring into your new Reiki self, the self who looks a lot like you except more lustrous, more radiant, happier, beaming even?

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Communicating Reiki

Reiki Goodies

How have your Reiki goodies developed over time? How can you share that with friends so they recognize that Reiki can help them too?

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Reiki Airport Emergency
Reiki stories

Airport Emergency Reiki

When a woman fell on her back in an empty airport, all I could do was place my Reiki hands and call for a doctor. Did it help?

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simple Reiki self care
Clinical practice

Reiki Is Simple

Is your Reiki self care simple enough for every day? What are you losing if it isn’t?

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Reiki Thanks

Grateful for Reiki? The free Help More People with Reiki video series will help you share Reiki with your family, friends, and more.

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Reiki Healing Help
Communicating Reiki

Can You Help?

Want to grow your Reiki business? Wish your friends were more responsive to your Reiki offers? This will help!

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Resetting Your Reiki Mindset

Do hidden expectations undermine your Reiki conversations? Once I discovered mine, I was able to change them, to speak with greater ease and confidence, and you can, too.

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