Top 2 Tips for Fast-tracking Reiki Practice

fast-tracking Reiki“Any suggestions for fast-tracking Reiki practice? I love to practice, I love how I’m growing, and I want more. Now.”

Versions of that question come up often. Maybe you can relate. Who doesn’t want more of a good thing?

And Reiki practitioners from all lineages and practice styles agree Reiki practice is a good thing.

Is fast-tracking Reiki possible?

I love your enthusiasm and your desire to get more from your Reiki practice. LOVE IT!

But if you don’t harness that enthusiasm, it can lead to disappointment. So many practitioners leap into more certificates, more embellishments, more complications, and when the thrill of the new wears off, they feel haven’t gained anything.

Even worse, they come out the other end of the certificate mill less in love with their Reiki practice, which has become less accessible because it’s no longer Hands-on, I’m practicing Reiki, Hands-off, I’m not.

I cannot endorse that fast track, and I hope you’ll contemplate just how much sense fast-tracking spiritual growth really makes.

Good news here: while any promise of instant enlightenment is suspect, if you think of fast-tracking Reiki as maximizing your benefits, there are two reliable ways to fast-track your Reiki practice.

Reliable Reiki Fast track Tip #1

The first reliable fast-track tip is daily self practice. The benefits of Reiki practice are cumulative, so you get more from your practice when you practice regularly. And it’s easier to practice every day than you might imagine. Let me know if you want 30 days of free email support. (If you haven’t learned to practice Reiki, choose your class wisely, as there are no standards for Reiki training. If you cannot find a local Reiki teacher with classes that meet your needs, you can learn Reiki Self Care in my live, interactive, teleconference classes.)

Reliable Reiki Fast track Tip #2

The second reliable fast-track tip is to practice with more awareness, to be more engaged. The more relaxed attention we bring to our practice, the more we get out of it.

There are a couple of ways to be more engaged in your Reiki practice. The first is to simple enjoy yourself while you practice. Notice the sensations, notice your breath, notice your mood. Don’t draw conclusions, just notice and enjoy.


The second way is to contemplate your practice experience. Need help with that?

If you don’t already have a contemplative practice — or even if you do — there is a simple, easily learned contemplative practice that will deepen your Reiki practice and unlock your practice treasures. I’ve seen it help thousands of Reiki practitioners.

Reiki free-writing, for free!

I call it Reiki free-writing, and I teach the basics in a free recorded intro class.

You can continue to Reiki free-write on your own after this class. It’s very easy. You’ll see how easy it is because we will actually write together. And no worries, you don’t share your Reiki free-write. That’s yours alone.

Reiki free-writing has fast-tracked Reiki practitioners from all lineages and practice styles, because it’s not about how we practice, but rather what you experience, the insights and understanding you gain through practice.

Fast-track your Reiki practice now, so you will benefit more, as will everyone around you! Please click to access the Reiki free-writing intro class recording.



9 thoughts on “Top 2 Tips for Fast-tracking Reiki Practice”

  1. I was attuned to reiki many years ago- started out with reiki 1 then 2 , then finished at master level- do not have much opportunity to practice -I do use it on my pets- and at times in the hospital where I work- in the room before I enter- on the instruments I use-do I need to be re- attuned or not? why I ask this is sometimes I don’t feel anything-so I wonder if I am actually doing anything! will just doing daily get me going- my intentions are always good but some days I come home from work (I am a nurse) and I am totally drained and just want to do nothing. thanks for any advice

    1. Practicing self-Reiki is very close to doing nothing, Adele. All you have to do, from a traditional practice perspective, is to place your hands on your body. If you need help with self-practice, read this article.

      Don’t judge your practice by what you notice while practicing. Instead, commit to daily self practice for even a week and notice the difference in how you feel and in your life and relationships.

      Regarding your question about being re-initiated: once we are initiated, there is no need to be initiated again. That said, receiving initiation again from a Reiki master you have chosen carefully is usually deepening — but only if you are actually practicing on yourself. Too often people look at taking more classes and initiations to deepen their practice rather than making the commitment to consistent daily self-practice.

  2. Dear Pamela,
    Thank you so much or this clarity regarding Fast Tracking. When I first saw the title I was ready to reply with “what the heck are you promoting”? Then I read your words. Perfectly done my lady.
    Penny Devine

    1. Thank you so much, Penny, for taking the time to read instead of reflexively lambasting me! Not that I expect any less of you. ?

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