Does It Matter Whether You Pay Attention to Reiki Practice?

pay attention to Reiki practiceIt’s hard to imagine how effective self practice can be even when you don’t pay attention to Reiki practice, but it’s true. We are used to working hard to get good results, but Reiki practice is different.

Your Reiki practice is carried in your hands, not by your mind.

That means you can practice Reiki hands on — even single-handedly — while doing something else. If your spouse needs to talk during your self Reiki time, no problem!

What if your child needs your support facing a tough homework assignment? Place a hand on him while you talk it through. Got a tough phone call to make? Place a hand to steady yourself during the conversation.

Reiki practice is effective no matter where your attention is.

Relaxed attention adds benefit

If you can pay comfortable attention as you practice, by all means do so. Anything you attend to is enhanced. And when you pay attention and notice benefits, you’re more motivated to practice consistently, which gives you the greatest benefit.

But be sure to pay attention to Reiki practice in a relaxed way. Don’t focus, just observe. There’s no need to block out thoughts or things happening around you. Be comfortable and enjoy your experience.

Why not pay attention to Reiki practice?

If you anxiously watch your Reiki practice to see if anything is happening, you might reconsider. Try distracting yourself with something pleasant — music perhaps — and notice the difference between how you feel before and after your self Reiki session rather than observing throughout.

Once you feel more confident that something positive is happening, you can pay attention to Reiki practice and see if it’s become more comfortable to do so.

Need help finding your relaxed attention?

When I first learned to practice Reiki, I had the benefit of decades of meditation experience. Meditation trains your awareness so you are mindful, not tense in your attention. Being an experienced meditator is one reason I seem to get so much more from my Reiki practice than many people do.

As a Reiki master teacher the past 27 years, I’m always looking for ways to help Reiki students be comfortable in their practice and get more from their practice. A couple years ago, I started teaching Reiki free-writing to help you pay attention to Reiki practice without your mind getting tight.

Like First degree Reiki, Reiki free-writing is a simple practice that’s easily learned. You can learn it in this free recorded class. Please register here!


8 thoughts on “Does It Matter Whether You Pay Attention to Reiki Practice?”

  1. Thank you so much for this article. I was actually feeling a bit bad/guilty thinking that I am doing my self-treatment sometimes while watching relaxing movies or series. This indeed helps me relax, and have a positive attitude towards it and trust will do the work. 🙂

  2. Hi pamella
    Thanks so much for this.i was trying to figure out how i could completely immerse myself while doing my full body reiki everyday nd i v sooo maaany thoughts that just leak only when i sit gor i know i need not block them and do my yoga nd medtatn and still flow my reiki…thanks a lot.

  3. Thank you so much Pamela, I found this to be very helpful. I have often felt sad and even guilty if my mind would wander during Reiki. Thank you!

    1. I’m so happy to read this, Annette! Thank you for taking the time to write. Now those negative feelings don’t have to be part of your Reiki practice experience.

      Have you thought of registering for this week’s free class to develop the introspective aspects of the practice, insight and intuition?
      Register here to participate live or by recording

  4. I really like this: ‘Reiki practice without getting tight’. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Reiki is effortless. Sometimes we need things to be more complicated than they actually are (the mind does) and that’s how we get in the way 😉

  5. It was so good to read this. I meditate very morning and practice self Reiki very day. For the longest time, I thought the two needed to be separate that each one needed my undivided attention. Recently, I have been beginning my morning meditation with my Reiki symbols and placing of my hands for self healing and then slipping into my mediation as my hands continue to be placed where they are called. It has been a very fulfilling practice for me, but I sometimes questioned if I was actually practicing self healing if it did not have my fullest attention. Then I recalled that intention is what counts and I read this article. There are certainly still times when each practice is done on its own with my fullest attention. I trust that I am doing exactly what I need when I sit at my altar with intention each morning.

    1. So happy this was helpful, Denise.

      However, Reiki practice is empowered by the initiations and needs no intention, so it’s even easier than you think!

  6. Relaxed attention, meditation always allows for benefits in Reiki, as in other practices. Getting ready for work, for yoga for taking care of daily chores.
    Reiki does help, as does encouragement from this community and your every kindness, Pamela. Kind thanks.

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