Hire Yourself Health Care

What if your job were to take good care of yourself?

Imagine that, being paid to take care of yourself, to be good to yourself, really good to yourself.

Even in this time of high unemployment, this is a job you could have, now. It’s yours for the taking. How are you going to finance it? Simple.

Self-healing intern

Starting as an intern with flex hours, you’ll be paid in experience, growing confidence, and good will. You will quickly add to that enhanced self-esteem, improved productivity, and greater social satisfaction. At some point, you can promote yourself to cash payment. Start preparing for that day now.

Today, start a fund that you pay into every time you don’t spend money on something that you know isn’t good for you, doesn’t support you. Only you know what that is, whether it’s that third martini or the first jelly donut or the parking ticket you didn’t risk. That great I-just-saved-money feeling added to the good will you generated toward yourself will carry you to your next good-for-you deed.

What do you already do? What else could you do?

Make a list of things you already do that are good for you, that support your well-being on any level — physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. What do they cost you? How much do they save you?

Make another list of things you’d like to do to better support your well-being. What would each of these cost you to do? What is not doing them costing you?

The hard part about prevention is that we don’t know exactly what we’re preventing — or postponing — but we do know that it’s not just disease. It’s also unhappiness, discomfort, dissatisfaction. So use your imagination to identify the dividends your efforts are paying toward a healthier, happier rest of your life.

These are just a few of my ideas. What are yours?

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