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The Integrative Healthcare Symposium is held annually in February in New York City. I have been asked to give a Reiki presentation twice.

The second time, in the name of integration, I invited James Dillard to join me. James is a physician who is an integrative pain specialist with an unusually diverse background: he was first a chiropractor, then an acupuncturist, before becoming a physician. Janet Dagley Dagley attended the presentation and wrote about it in Reiki Digest.

I asked the powers-that-be to make the recording of the 2009 presentation available to the public without charge (conference recordings are usually sold individually), and they generously agreed. You can access the Reiki Integrative Health care recording here.

The recording is particularly useful to professional Reiki practitioners, health care professionals, and students in professional training.

If you find the presentation useful, please share this resource with others.

Would you like to speak credibly about Reiki practice and collaborate with licensed healthcare professionals? The Introduction to Medical Reiki gives you the language, perspective and strategies you need.

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15 thoughts on “Reiki Integrative Health Care Talk”

  1. I just listened to the Integrative Health Care talk. It was excellent as was the webinar on Explaining Reiki which I just downloaded, there were many similarities. Thank you for the insights.
    However, I am keen to find out if in order to gain entry to hospitals you needed to have the recommendation/representation of a local registering council membership. In other words what certification or qualifying criteria was used to allow you to officially enter a hospital and or to gain access to patients. What about legal protection.

    1. Patricia, I have no knowledge of a council such as you mention and I have worked as an independent Reiki master in many hospitals so at least in the U.S., that kind of membership is not necessary.

      There are no unifying standards for Reiki certification, so Reiki certificates really are not meaningful. I have collaborated successfully in conventional medicine not because of certificates but rather based on communication skills and credibility.

  2. Thank you very much, I will absolutely check those out. I’ve been all over your site this morning, lol. This is a wonderful thing you’re doing for the Reiki community, the public, and healthcare!

  3. I just finished listening to this presentation and want to thank you. I really wish there were more standards as far as Reiki eduction. I definitely appreciate the scientific approach as it really seems to resonate with me and a lot of people and takes the “mystique” out of it. I really want to learn more in this manner but it’s hard to find. Thanks so much!

  4. Thank you so much for your support, Ming and Colin. I hope everyone who reads this thread will click on your names to visit your sites and see the great work you are doing.

  5. An excellent example of how to talk to medical people about Reiki in terms they understand. It also contains excellent insights for Reiki practitioners about what Reiki is and what may be going on in a Reiki treatment. Highly recommended. Well done, Pamela! I have also put a link on my Reiki: pure & simple facebook page and on the Reiki Learning Lounge forum.

  6. Thanks again, and may I ask you to RT the link as well? Would be wonderful if this went viral in the Reiki community. I receive so many emails asking for this kind of support.

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