Reiki Flakey?

The Reiki community itself is the source of most of the less credible information about Reiki.

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12 Years of Back Pain Relieved

How fast can Reiki treatment help and how much is needed? Most people experience a reduction in pain and anxiety from a single Reiki treatment, a clinical observation that is supported by research. And some people hit the Reiki jackpot. A

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Mothers Daze

Five exhausted moms came for Reiki healing. Several are Reiki practitioners and smart capable women who don’t make the connection that care of their families starts with self care.

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How much, how fast?

In 23 years of Reiki practice, I’ve never seen Reiki treatment fail to improve endocrine balance (and it may not be all that is needed).

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The conventional approach to weight management only makes sense if you don’t think about it. Here are some points to consider.

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