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Today Only: Stay Safe

19 October 2013

“Today only” reminds us to stay safe, to choose carefully where we take body and mind.

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First Degree Reiki Self-Healing

29 September 2012

Have you ever gotten very excited talking about Reiki practice and watched your enthusiasm send people packing?

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Everything Is All Right…Isn’t it?

14 April 2012

Reiki practice draws us back from a future fantasy to a present we can live with joy.

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Peter Pan Reiki

17 September 2011

Although some parts of us will never grow up, Reiki practice helps us set anchor in our hearts, so we can heal our pain and frustration.

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Offering Reiki in Hospital

23 April 2011

GUEST BLOGGER Gianluca De Gennaro shares his insights from one hundred hours offering Reiki treatment to hospital inpatients.

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Reiki Passion, Reiki Precepts

19 December 2010

Sitting on a rooftop terrace, I drink in the Buenos Aires skyline with my green tea. My last day in Argentina is overcast. Low light enriches the city’s colors, revealing nuances that disappear whenever the sun burns through with its bright light and harsh contrasts. One day and a red-eye later, legs up on my […]

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When Reiki Diversity Becomes Reiki Adversity

11 December 2010

What to do when Reiki diversity feels like Reiki adversity?

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Reiki Precepts and Effort

07 August 2010

Sometimes it’s easy to help. Other times I need the Reiki Precepts to help me help others.

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Manhattan Reiki

05 June 2010

I live in New York City. I live there with 8+ million people. That’s not counting the millions who visit.

So it sometimes happens that a few other people are strolling the sidewalk or the subway steps just as I am purposefully heading somewhere, no time to spare.

My path totally impeded, the phrase arises: “Today only.”

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Reiki Journal ABCs

17 August 2009

Several participants in the Usui Virtual Retreat requested guidance about journaling. First, there is no wrong way to journal. The mere act of writing is so beneficial, and when you are the only one who will read it… But if you are journaling to engage more deeply in the retreat, or your daily practice, I […]

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