Reiki Precepts and Effort

Recently I made an online donation for a cause I deeply value. Simple enough. A few clicks, and on with the day.

Or not. The process repeatedly stalled. No explanation. No support option. The usual fixes accomplished nothing. I persisted. A week-and-a-half and five emails later, my donation was accepted.

Yes, donation. I was giving money. Should be easy, right?

But it wasn’t. My good intention seemed obstructed at every turn. Each failed solution brought the Reiki Precepts to mind. Today only, do not anger.

Annoyance laced my bewilderment, until an epiphany made me flush. How fortunate I am to have the desire to help, and resources to share.

With thankfulness, work diligently.

In a perfect world, perhaps it would be easy to do good, but this is the world we’ve got. Some actions flow with unbelievable ease, synchronicity, and serendipity.

Other good intentions are harder to manifest. They require commitment and hard work, for an uncertain result.


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