Reiki Self Mothering Heals Decades of Maternal Oppression

I noticed a name I hadn’t seen for a while at one of my Global Self Reiki Practices. I knew Tiziana Boccaccio’s mother was suffering from dementia, and that Tiziana had become her main caregiver. I’ve worked with enough families to know how very difficult that is, so I emailed to check-in and ask about her mom.

I was so moved by what Tiziana shared about how powerfully her Reiki self practice is supporting her that I asked permission to share her words with you.

Here’s how Tiziana expressed the profound healing she’s experienced from decades of anger, and how her Reiki practice led to self mothering:

Reiki Self Mothering

Tiziana Boccaccio Self Mothering“It was lovely to attend the practice session again!! Really beneficial to me!

Thanks for asking about my mother. You are offering me the opportunity to express my gratitude to Reiki self-practice and to you, my mentor, my guide.

My mother has had a strong influence on my life, all my life.

When I was a teenager, I suffered from her strict, conservative, religious-driven discipline. All of my friends had more freedom than I did, and I grew up feeling oppressed. I strongly desired to grow up to become free, to be able to choose what is meaningful to me.

When I got older, my mother got sick, and I had to become her caregiver, again losing my personal freedom! I felt life had betrayed me.

For many years, I felt anger towards her, blaming her for all my frustration, blaming her for reducing my freedom, my life opportunities, my happiness. Her dementia has made it all even more difficult by keeping us from clarifying, from finding our peace, from healing ourselves and our past.

The miracle that (consistent) daily Reiki self-practice brought me was a new and powerful awareness: I suffered a lot from my mother’s education, and it was not my fault (maybe, it was not her fault either…). Nonetheless, now I am the only one responsible for my mental health. Continuing to blame my mother won’t help me to achieve a more meaningful life!

I really appreciated a couple of your latest articles (Mama Reiki and Mothers Daze).

As you say, mothering is not limited to biology and Reiki self-practice supports me to become the mother (the more loving caregiver) of myself. Reiki self-practice is healing my anger and my feeling of having been psychologically abused by my mother.

Reiki self-practice makes me discover the huge source of love inside my heart. This source shifts my self-perception from “victim” to “people in charge to make decisions.” I feel I can heal the relationship with my mother thanks to my Reiki practice.

I want to express my gratitude to you because the way you teach/explain/live Reiki is the one that allows me to obtain the greatest benefits from this practice, and opened the door to self mothering.

I had my own way of practicing — I learned Reiki practice in 2015, and  am a Reiki Master teacher since 2019 — but only after getting to know you, your blog, your self-paced courses (wonderful Write Reiki and Communicate Reiki), only after listening to your Mainstreaming Reiki Audios, Reiki practice has turned into a concretely useful and meaningful spiritual practice. My daily support.

Thanks for your commitment, thanks for your example and for your daily work. Sooner or later, I’d like to attend one of your online first degree courses… I still have a lot to learn!!!”

Thank you, Tiziana, for your heartfelt, honest sharing of how you’re overcoming a painful mother wound with your Reiki self mothering.

And may all who are reading realize that your Reiki self practice could open the experience of joyful self mothering, and just might bring the healing you’ve been waiting for.

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5 thoughts on “Reiki Self Mothering Heals Decades of Maternal Oppression”

  1. It is great to see that reiki self-practice connects others to the energy of the archetypal mother as well. When I remember to practice self-reiki, it infuses me with a soft glow and allows me to feel deeper compassion for my biological mother and her struggles. Thank you, Pamela, for the information on this website to bring more knowledge and appreciation of reiki into the world.

  2. Thank you for this post Tiziana and I would also like to add my gratitude Pamela for your blog, global self practice sessions and training all have helped me develop then deepen my self practice and recently your How to Teach First Degree Reiki recording grounded and guided me giving me the confidence to, at last, teach my first Reiki I class.

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