Reiki & Heart Writing: 1 Winning Combination

Reiki & Heart WritingA Reiki student backed down on a really good opportunity because she was afraid.

She couldn’t believe that “with all the work I’ve done on myself,“ here she was again, hitting the same wall.

She was paralyzed by fear, with no idea what she was afraid of. I knew talking wasn’t going to help. When you’re up against your wall, you need to change your state; you need to heal.

So I suggested she heart write.

Heart writing is a practice I developed to circumvent your mind and pour your heart out. She took my suggestion, and her wall came tumbling down.

It was too late for the opportunity she’d pushed away, but she felt relieved of the guilt that was weighing her down, and confident that a few more days of Reiki self practice and heart writing could heal her, so she’d be open to her next opportunity.

She’s a smart gal, and knows there will be more walls in her future. And she knows that instead of the heartache, disappointment, and frustration she’s felt before, future walls will simply remind her it’s time to heart write.

She knows from this heart write experience that she’s now empowered to address any fear that comes up, instead of sinking into overwhelm as she has in the past.

Melting the wall of fear

You, too, have a wall, don’t you?

That wall feels so solid, but it’s only undigested emotions that have been accumulating since you were a kid.

As a child, you felt emotions you didn’t know what to do with. Needing to maintain control, and not knowing how to “feel ’em and heal ’em,” you did the best you could; you stuffed those feelings.

And they’re still coming back, usually at the most inconvenient times, hoping to be felt and released. But you get confused because they come wrapped in the same fear you felt as a child.

You’re not a child anymore, and there’s a simple practice that can release those feelings and overwhelm: heart writing.

I developed heart writing to help you express your heart directly — fingers in service to your heart — and access your insight, intuition and wisdom at will. And along the way, you’ll melt walls of undigested emotions that have been stopping you from fully expressing yourself.

Transformational practices such as self Reiki and heart writing increase your sense of agency, which increases optimism, which helps you meet challenges instead of running from them.

I teach heart writing as part of a series of programs I’ve been offering since 2015: WRITE REIKI, COMMUNICATE REIKI, and BLESSED BOUNDARIES.

Midway through a past session, one participant said: “This is turning out very different than I expected. (1) There’s enormous validation of how far I am on my spiritual path. (2) My self-practice now has a strong foundation.”

Free yourself with heart-writing

Reiki self practice is profoundly healing. I’m a longtime advocate of daily self Reiki practice. I’ve practiced self Reiki daily since first learning to practice Reiki in 1986. It’s the foundation of my self care, but it’s not all that is needed.

Thinking daily self Reiki alone is enough to heal everything that ails us is a bit like thinking all we have to do is drink enough pure water, that we don’t need to eat fresh food. Or fresh air and sunlight. Or contact with loved ones.

Reiki self practice drops you into your, and heart writing helps you express what’s in your heart, your insight, your intuition, your wisdom. And sometimes your pain and confusion. As you heart write, that pain and confusion slides from being locked up inside of you, creating tension and fear, to being momentary emotion and scribbles on a page, served with a side of relief and joy.

In COMMUNICATE REIKI, you’ll heart write from prompts I give you each day for 2 weeks. As you write, you’ll access your insight, intuition and wisdom. And some days, you’ll discover pockets of confusion, frustration, and even pain, and release them with ease, while learning skills to communicate Reiki more effectively. By the end of the program, you’ll have heart writing as an ally for life.

You’ll also have access to our private online Writers Haven, where you’ll read articles I’ve written exclusively for this program to improve your communications skills. Plus we’ll have 2 live online Q&As, with replays, of course.

Find the next session of COMMUNICATE REIKI here.

You’ll come away feeling lighter, more confident — transformed, really — and with skills to talk or write about Reiki practice so you get people’s attention and they ask for more.

That’s important for home practitioners who don’t want to have to hide their practice from their family and friends.

And it’s necessary for Reiki professionals who need to attract potential clients and students using their words, and their presence.

Healing is critically important to learning. You don’t want to just spout what someone else has told you. That’s never impressive. You want to — and can! — become a walking embodiment of your Reiki practice, so you inspire people with your unique words and your healing presence. Daily self Reiki and heart writing move you into that sweet transformation.

COMMUNICATE REIKI is your chance to get proficient at heart writing, explore your Reiki practice and your inner space, and come out with golden content, new skills, and profound confidence in yourself, your practice, and your communication. Please register here.


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