Reiki practice can safely make a significant difference in your health and well-being, and that of your family.

While any Reiki practice is better than none, you get the most benefit when you practice daily hands-on self Reiki. Need some help? The Daily Self Reiki Challenge is a month of free, very short, daily emails to inspire your self care.

If you didn’t learn how to practice Reiki self care, read How to Practice Reiki Self Treatment.

In a hurry to develop your Reiki practice? Here are my Top 2 Tips for Fast-tracking Your Reiki Practice.

Reiki practice quickly brings your system back to balance. Balance is desirable at all times, and means your Reiki practice can support you through every phase of your life. The articles below describe how your Reiki practice can support your health and happiness even when life gets challenging.

Reiki and mothering, yourself or others.

Reiki for cancer support

Reiki supports dementia patients and caregivers

Reiki for bereavement

Want to deepen your understanding of Reiki so you can speak to your friends (and maybe your doctor) with more confidence: Mainstreaming Reiki.

Join me for Reiki in Mexico!

Pamela Miles of Reiki, Medicine and Self Care

An entire chapter of my book REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide is devoted to your continuing practice and another is on Reiki for families.

What have you noticed since you’ve been practicing Reiki at home? How has your Reiki practice supported you? I’d love to read your Reiki story.

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Helpful Videos

Reiki Trainings & Events

Pamela Miles of Reiki, Self Care and Medicine, Sitting outside on a bench
Mainstreaming Reiki-
Mainstreaming Reiki is a deep dive into places where Reiki professionals often lose people, such as how to explain it, where’s the proof, is Reiki safe, and spirituality.
Heart of Reiki Retreat with Pamela Miles
The Heart of Practice -
Reiki Retreat in Mexico that takes you deeply into your practice and your wellness
Pamela Miles - Self Reiki Practice
Reiki Self Care Online - -
Level 1 Reiki / 1st Degree Reiki
Learn Reiki practice from the comfort of your home
in small group, live, videoconferences.
Student practicing giving Reiki session in Reiki training with Pamela Miles
Reiki Training in NYC -
Level 1 Reiki / 1st Degree Reiki
Learn Reiki live in New York City (When allowed)
The Self-Reiki Badge Available in 30+ languages. Get your badge here!

Celebrating daily Reiki self treatment​

There is a difference between meditating occasionally, and meditating every day. It is the same with Reiki practice. People who commit themselves to their Reiki practice, who practice Reiki self treatment every day, naturally come to understand Reiki healing better than people who practice occasionally. welcome to share the series with your students. Together, as a diverse community of thoughtful practitioners, we each offer the public a respectful perspective on Reiki practice, respectful of the practice and respectful of the individual.

REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide by Pamela Miles

Want even more in-depth information? My book, REIKI: A Comprehensive Guidehas an entire chapter devoted to your continuing practice and another is on Reiki for families. You can purchase it at the link or find it at your local book seller. 

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