Reiki Mama, Mother Reiki

You might not be a mom but you have a mom and she’s made a lasting impression on you.

Maybe you treasure her influence or maybe it feels more like influenza.

Either way, she’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Unwrapping your mother’s gifts with Reiki

Having trouble unwrapping your mother’s gifts? Try giving a Reiki treatment to your mom.

Not possible? Offer one to a mom or caregiver you know.

Still coming up empty? Offer a Reiki treatment to any woman and dedicate it to your mother.

Or offer a Reiki treatment to yourself.

Reiki mama, mother yourself

Sometimes self care is the most courageous act you can take. This might seem especially poignant for Reiki mothers and caregivers. (Going forward, every use of “mother” here also refers to caregivers. Mothering isn’t limited to biology.)

As a mother, it’s easy to pit your self care against the care of your family. That’s wrong understanding.

Think about it. Remember how profoundly Reiki practice refreshes your state, how quickly it relieves your anxiety and opens your heart to the love that sometimes seems trapped inside.

Keeping love imprisoned in your heart is not a good state for a Reiki mother to live in, is it? As a mom, you don’t want to wear your heart on your sleeve, but you also don’t want it locked up.

Part of your job as a mother is to soothe your anxiety and keep your state balanced so your heart stays strong and open.

Your Reiki self care supports you and everyone who depends on you for anything. Your self care carries you through life’s highs and lows, gains and losses.

Defy the obstacles, practice gratitude

Please keep in mind that most mothers are not Reiki mothers.

If you are Reiki trained, self care is easier for you than it is for other people. No matter the lineage or practice style, your Reiki training has placed self care literally in the palm of your hand. All you have to do is bend your elbow.

A mother’s exhaustionanyone’s exhaustion — can make the distance between your palms and your body seem like miles, but you know self practice is simply not that hard. And it gets easier the moment you connect hands to body. Out of gratitude for your Reiki practice, practice self Reiki now.

Today only, right this moment, defy the obstacles and take better care of yourself.

That’s where real change begins. That’s how you can melt effortlessly into the stream of pure love your heart calls “Mother.”

Healing our mama wounds with Reiki practice

Don’t honor your mother for her sake; do it for your sake.

If you’re a mother, you know well how human mothers are, how we sometimes say things we would take back if we could, or make choices we wish we could undo.

Forgiveness is not lowering your expectations. Forgiveness is your determination to see love’s perfection even as it takes on the apparent flaws needed to become human.

Take heart. No matter how flawed you or your mother is, there is a (seemingly) magic wand to heal your mama wounds and all wounds, the spiritual medicine for all illness: daily self practice.

Reiki self care unlocks your gratitude for your mother’s gifts, gratitude gives rise to kindness, and as neuroscience increasingly documents, kindness brings happiness.

Honoring your Reiki mother and yourself

Do yourself the favor of honoring your mother in any way that is meaningful to you. It can be as simple as pausing for a gratitude moment or extending your hand to a woman in need.

If you can’t give your mother a Reiki treatment, why not offer your gratitude to the primordial mother, the source of all life, in any form that is meaningful to you — Mother Earth, Mother Mary, Mother Divine, Mother Source. Fill in the blank as you will and get started.

Create a loving relationship with that which gives and sustains life. Imagine your mother as a manifestation of profound generosity. How does that affect your state?

Love is truth

You might have some very real negative feelings towards your mother. Don’t suppress them. Rather, feel them while in the safety of your Reiki hands, in the context of the primordial mother’s love.

Release your anger, worry and sorrows to that unending stream of renewal.

Daily self practice opens your heart to gratitude, generosity and true happiness. You experience mother’s love and so much more. With consistent self practice, you come to know you are Mother and every day is Mother’s Day.

All of us benefit when every day is Mother’s Day.

Taking better care of ourselves, the women we know, and all women helps our world move closer to one in which everyone feels safe and is safe.

And if your mom is anything like mine, she’ll be showering you with blessings, endless blessings you can feel.

Have you had a Reiki moment with your mother? Please share it in a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Reiki Mama, Mother Reiki”

  1. Reiki is always part of my nursing home visits with my mom. Whether we’re walking or I’m giving her a manicure, whether she’s napping or we’re just sitting quietly, I engage Reiki during our time together. I trust it comforts her and I KNOW it is a comfort to me. I have found deep peace in our time together in this way.

  2. cynthia anderson

    My daughter and I have parted , she won’t accept Reiki , I’m not good enough for her life style . Your thoughts have helped me give reiki to my self so I’m at peace. I won’t be used as a door mat anymore.

  3. Natalie J isaac

    You always on time when I need back to my Reiki deep Practice gracias, keep following you.
    Next Jun at JCC can’t wait.

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