My New (Senior) Reiki Body

It’s never too late to improve your health. Read how a senior professional dogwalker discovered a fountain of youth in her Reiki hands, and it didn’t take long. My holiday wish is that Sari’s story will inspire your daily Reiki self practice, something we all need now more than ever. Here’s a self practice how-to in case you need it, and here’s my Reiki practice timer, my holiday — and everyday! — gift to you.

My Renewed (Senior) Body by Reiki
by Sari Reis

As a professional dog walker, my body has taken a lot of abuse. When I turned 60 eleven years ago, I gave myself the birthday gift of getting a professional massage once a month. I was fortunate to find an incredible masseuse named Anna, who takes such good care of me that I’ve stayed with her ever since. Anna knows my body extremely well, even better than I do.

Every time I go for my monthly massage, Anna asks me how I am doing and what hurts. She then proceeds to work her magic and fix all the knots and sore spots. This deep tissue muscle manipulation can be painful; I almost jump off the table when she zeros in on a sore spot. There’s been some moaning and even a yelp or two. Fortunately, she’s used to that from me, and it doesn’t faze her.

Two weeks ago, when I went for my massage and Anna asked how I was, where I needed help, I replied that I was great, and nothing hurt. She began her usual regimen of working first on my front and then my back, arms, legs, neck, etc. No almost jumping off the table, no yelping. Anna was astonished. She asked what was going on, her eyes and voice showing wonder and surprise.

I told her that besides keeping my normal dog walking schedule, I started practicing daily self Reiki a month ago.

I’d learned to practice Reiki on animals a while back, but there was barely a mention of Reiki self practice. I enjoyed practicing on the dogs so much that I recently took a class from another teacher who stresses daily self practice. And so I started practicing Reiki on myself daily. Everyday. And since that’s the only change in my days, I realized that must be behind what Anna was seeing.

Anna was stunned. She said, “I felt like I was working on a totally different body. It’s amazing!” She was so astonished by the improvement she saw from my daily Reiki sessions, that she asked me to give a Reiki treatment to both her and her teenage daughter. I said I’d be delighted.

When I left her salon, I felt so good; not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually. I was so pleased that I’d been keeping my daily self Reiki practice going and vowed to continue.


Maybe you’re wondering how daily self Reiki can make such a difference. Please read How Reiki Helps, where I first laid out the physiology of what’s happening for lay people (no organic chemistry, I promise!). I came to this understanding through years of daily self Reiki, full time Reiki professional practice, and Medical Reiki (yes, I was the original Medical Reiki master!). If you’re a Reiki professional, understanding and communicating Reiki from a physiologic perspective will help you reach more people so you can help more people. Usn’t that why we became Reiki professionals, to help people?

Whether you practice Reiki only at home or you’re a Reiki professional, you probably have a Reiki healing story, a simple tale of how Reiki practice helped you connect more deeply with yourself, or supported you through a hard time. Perhaps it’s the story of how you started practicing Reiki.

Don’t underestimate how much reading your story can help others recognize that Reiki practice can really help them. Your simple story could inspire people to take better care of themselves. If that’s something you’d like to do, please read this short article, and then email me. I’d love to work with you to publish your story. I know writing can seem daunting — I know that only too well! — and I’m here to help. No worries, as long as you’re open to editing, we’ll get it done together.

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4 thoughts on “My New (Senior) Reiki Body”

  1. Barbara Smith. (Yamuna)

    So important to hear these stories that I can share when I teach Reiki to encourage self treatments

    1. You’re very welcome, Barbara. I’m so happy to know you teach self Reiki, as many and perhaps most Reiki masters don’t. I so often find that the public isn’t even aware that self practice is an option. They only think in terms of receive treatment from a professional. We need to change that, don’t you agree?

  2. I am so inspired by Sari’s story–happy for her, and motivated to continue daily practice. Thank you for sharing this story Pamela, and for inspiring me with every email you send to keep taking care of myself.

    PS for Sari: I was so delighted to see the gorgeous Dobermans with their tails intact and their natural, adorable floppy ears–no mutilation!

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