CBD and Reiki Self Practice for Me

What’s your favorite pick-me-up? While I enjoy my morning green tea, and might head over to my favorite neighborhood café for a flat white later on, my balancing booster of choice (after Reiki self practice, of course) has become Ojai Energetics full spectrum CBD elixir.

No, it doesn’t get me high—no THC for me, thank you very much!—and the lift I feel is usually subtle in the moment, yet I’m definitely benefiting, and in surprising ways.

Feeling steadier, stronger, and seeing better

That flat white I mentioned? Not long ago, I couldn’t have gone near it. Even decaf rattled my nervous system. Now, besides enjoying my flat white, my eyes are healthier and my vision has improved. Some mildly annoying pains and a few more than annoying ones have lightened or disappeared, even as my yoga practice has become more challenging and I’m walking longer distances with ease.

Those are all things I’d been trying unsuccessfully to improve.

In a way that seems similar to Reiki self practice gently reminding your system to restore balance, CBD reminds your endocannabinoid system to function. Since your endocannabinoid system is the master of all of your body’s other systems (nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system, etc.), with cannabinoid receptors in every cell of your body, that’s no small thing. I feel as if my engine’s been tuned, or I’ve gained another cylinder. I’m not a mechanic, but you get the idea.

I generally sleep well—very well—and don’t suffer from anxiety, so nothing to notice there, but many people find CBD helps them sleep better and reduces anxiety. The benefits you’ll experience depend on what your system needs.

I feel stronger, more resilient, as if my system’s gotten an upgrade. And I feel like I’m getting more benefit from other good things I do for my health. That’s something I’ve also noticed with Reiki practice. When your system is sounder overall, functioning well, it’s better able to make use of other resources. It seems worth noting that I’ve gotten healthier during a time of unprecedented global stress. And I live in Manhattan, where hyper-stimulation is a way of life.

Will Kleidon of Ojai Energetics

I had tried other CBD products with no response, but when I heard Will Kleidon, the founder and CEO of Ojai Energetics, speak, I was struck by his sincerity, knowledge, and vision, putting “people and planet before profit.” It mattered to me that Ojai’s products are organic and tested by a third party. I also liked the no questions asked money back guarantee. So I ordered.

After I started taking Ojai’s full spectrum hemp elixir, I had questions—I always have questions—and called customer service. Fast forward, I was on the phone having a delightful, informative conversation with Will (not promising that will happen to you!).

What’s different about Ojai CBD?

Ojai’s elixir delivers full spectrum CBD oil in an aqueous solution that’s readily absorbed into your system. How readily? 30 seconds fast enough for you? Other products take 30 minutes and not nearly as much is absorbed. Ojai CBD elixir is more bioavailable, meaning you need to take less.

How much CBD do you need?

I wish I could tell you. That’s another way I find taking CBD is like Reiki self practice.

Most days 30 minutes of self Reiki is good. Some days, I’ll practice an hour or longer. When I first learned to practice in 1986, I remember practicing more the first week or so, as if my body were catching up with itself, and many of my Reiki students have the same response.

But it’s all very individual, and we’re all in flux, so your need for CBD changes. That said, generally speaking, you’ll soon need less to maintain your well-being. And you can take more anytime life throws you a curve.

What to expect from CBD?

Your endocannabinoid system works according to your body’s innate intelligence, so there’s no predicting where you’ll experience benefit.

It’s the same with Reiki self practice. We don’t necessarily get the downstream improvement we want—or not as quickly as we hoped—but after self practice, we feel better and function better, able to get on with things without pushing.

As with Reiki practice, people notice the benefits of CBD according to where they need help. However, some possible benefits, such as helping your body reduce low-grade systemic inflammation, might be hard to pinpoint, while improving health slowly but significantly over time.

If you decide to give Ojai’s elixir a try, make a list of things you’d like to improve, such as sleep, and check your list weekly to see what’s doing better. If Will hadn’t mentioned eyes in our conversation, I wouldn’t have noticed how much mine have improved. When something stops hurting, we often forget about it.

How I started

When I take something new, I always try a little first, just to be sure. I literally took a single drop of Ojai’s CBD elixir the first day. All good. The next day, two drops. Still good. So then I took a dropper full the third day, two droppers full the second, three the third, then two, then one. Now I usually take 2-3 drops a day each morning, depending. And I use the Sports Gel topically as needed.

If this seems like something you’d like to try, you can order here and enter PAMELA20 to get 20% off any time you or your friends order.


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  1. I have been enjoying CBD gummies for the past 3 years. It’s been wonderful for inflammation and my knee arthritis. I sleep soundly and just feel calm and rested.

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