Pamela, I am consistently inspired by your passion and clarity. Thank you for what you do. You help me do what I do better. – Lori-Lyn Hurley

Pamela Miles

YOU are a part of my everyday! I enjoy your Reiki tips and you challenge me to be a better Reiki practitioner. Thank you.
— Corie Mustoe
Siddharth Shah, MD MPH 2014When I engage with Pamela, I know I’m in the presence of someone who is self-possessed and has my best interests at heart. It is a rare thing to bring these qualities together with a healing practice that transforms not just the body but the inner state as well. Pamela embodies the spirit and promise of Reiki.
Siddharth Ashvin Shah, M.D., M.P.H.

Thank you again for the class, you are an amazing teacher.
— Renato Barreto

Jeannette Myers Reiki practitionerPamela, thank you for being such a generous teacher. Through classes, workshops, webinars and practice at the monthly JCC Reiki Clinic, the opportunities have always been available to grow and prosper as a practitioner. I also thank you for your down-to-earth approach and accessibility.
Jeannette Myers

Thank you…
You and Reiki are a gift.
Cynthia Hannan

Nicole Jackson ReikiPamela delivers information in a clear, consistent manner that has helped bring clarity to my practice and allowed me to effectively communicate with my clients. She instills the traditional value of daily self-practice in her students, which has allowed me to confidently give Reiki presentations and answer questions based on experience. I love her simple and thoughtful approach to teaching, that’s complemented by a good sense of humor!
— Nicole Jackson
Bob Coen ReikiPamela Miles has been a transformative and inspiring teacher. Through clear communication Pamela has helped make spiritual practice accessible by focusing on developing a disciplined daily self-practice that allows for growth without getting bogged down in trying to explain or understand many of the ethereal aspects of spirituality. In the two years I have been studying with her, I have experienced better health, personal growth and a growing awareness of myself and my surroundings.
— Bob Coen
Reiki master BartgesI learned to practice Reiki with Virginia Samdahl in 1978, and I’m a Reiki Master Teacher.  Every time I talk to Pamela Miles or read a blog or post she’s written, I learn something new. I have my Reiki Master students use her book, REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide, as their definitive Reiki textbook. She is a top contributor to the Linkedin group I started, and the insight and clarity she brings to the discussions are a key reason the 12,000-member group has become a globally-respected Reiki resource. To me, Pamela IS Reiki, and everything honorable, sacred and positive about this practice.
Jonna Rae Bartges, Reiki master

Reiki Treatment

When I was suffering from rosacea, I came to Pamela Miles for help. She got right at the root of the problem through several Reiki treatments. For over a year, I have had no substantial rosacea. Ask any dermatologist what a nightmare it is to treat patients with rosacea! I am so grateful to Pamela Miles for teaching me Reiki and for offering her loving heart to alleviate a very humiliating skin disorder.
Kimora, Ph.D.
My life can be divided into “before Reiki” and “after Reiki.”Before Reiki I was consumed with anxiety, unable to experience joy, unable to meditate, so unable to cope with the stresses of work that I was always about to quit, unable to even be in the same room with my mother. After Reiki I know peace, I can cope with whatever problems come up at work, I meditate with gusto, and I was able to nurse my mother for the last 6 weeks of her life with love and devotion. I depend on my early morning sessions of Reiki to center myself for the day, and I meditate with Pamela’s CD. Just the sound of her voice draws me into a deep meditative state.I am now prepared for the next 35 years of my life to be full of joy, peace and deep and abiding happiness. Reiki will be part of my life for as long as I live.
Andrea Stillman
Last night, right after the Reiki clinic, I felt relaxed and still felt the warmth from the practioners’ hands. When I woke up this morning I felt very different..almost lighter, as if some heavy negative energy had been lifted off me. Definitely something great happened because I can feel the difference already!
— Erika B.

First Degree Reiki Training

Andrea Eisenman ReikiOne of the best things I ever did was learn to practice Reiki.        — Andrea Eisenman
I feel so fortunate to be trained by you — someone who has deep respect and commitment and an amazing sense of humor, which makes it all so much fun, too! You put care, attention, and warmth into every moment of our time together, making the experience so incredibly special. You are a true master teacher and advocate.
Sue S.
Pauline Baylock ReikiI made the right choice in taking your First degree Reiki class. There is so much misunderstanding about Reiki practice. What you’ve told us has explained a lot of the misconceptions about spirituality and Reiki practice and dispelled wrong beliefs I’ve had.
— Pauline Baylock
Kelly Newsome ReikiI was a bit hesitant before taking First Degree with Pamela earlier this year. My exposure to the practice had been limited to “Reiki masters” who studied for a weekend and claimed to heal everyone around them! Pamela’s course clarified those misconceptions, and helped me understand the practical applications of Reiki, and respect this lovely, powerful discipline. Since then, I’ve incorporated Reiki into my own life as a self-care ritual — especially when I wake up too early in the morning, and need to find something to do “in between” that space where it isn’t time to rise, and it’s impossible to fall back asleep. Reiki’s emphasis on self-practice, quiet and stillness have offered a tangible practice to help create more balance my busy life.
— Kelly Newsome

Gale DominguesI really enjoyed last weekend’s class. It was mind opening, calming and beautiful and I’m so happy to have Reiki practice as my new best friend. Thank you so much for everything, Pamela!
Gale Domingues

Kym O'NeillThank you for your beautiful, incredibly effective Reiki training. I got so much out of your teachings. Since the training, I’ve been practicing self-Reiki nightly and it’s making a very big difference in both my work and my life–it’s quite amazing, actually. I’m calmer and more able to handle everyday stresses. My clients (and kids) have been more vocal (in a positive way), and I feel more confident about my work than I’ve ever felt.
— Kym O’Neill

Michele Magazine ReikiA quote attributed to Albert Einstein says, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand well enough.”
Pamela has a knack for explaining Reiki practice in a clear and practical way. I had heard about Reiki over the years but never really understood what it was really and truly about. That is until I took Pamela Miles’ Reiki First degree course.
She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise along with amazing credentials. Pamela was able to introduce Reiki practice to our group in a meaningful and accessible way…she has a gift for that. She is warm, funny and smart.
Her book is a must read whether you already practice or are thinking of learning.Take her class, listen to a webinar or read her blog or book — you will come away a little bit smarter and more aware of yourself and the world around you. As you can tell, I am a fan.
Michele Magazine
I honestly didn’t know what to expect from your First degree class, but what I got from it is invaluable. You are beyond poetic. The words that come from your mouth are well thought out, meaningful, and penetrated my soul. These past three days have meant more to me than you can imagine so thank you, thank you so much.
Caroline Pucciarelli
sakimafundikwaPamela Miles broke down Reiki practice in a way I understood clearly. I now know what Reiki practice is, and what it is not.
— Saki Mafundikwa
Pamela’s First Degree class gave me a clear and practical yet deeply inspiring introduction to Reiki practice, a solid foundation to give hands-on treatment to myself and others, and to continue this spiritual practice for the rest of my life.
Nancy Arnott
Since I learned to practice Reiki from Pamela Miles, I feel safer, stronger, and softer, more sure of the subtle strength I sense inside myself. Reiki has given me a center from which I easily move forward despite my fears. As I become more compassionate with myself, I have noticed how connected we all are and how much we affect each other. My physical health is much better. I get fewer colds that don’t last that long. I sleep better and trust my body more.
Getchie Argetsinger
Paula Llavallol ReikiWhile receiving a Reiki “sample” at an information session Pamela gave, I instantly connected with Reiki’s deep comfort and potential for healing. I was quite burnt out, having just moved to New York City after spending three years in Colombia and Africa in humanitarian aid work.
After taking the First Degree class with Pamela and practicing self-treatment for a couple of months, I had greater resistance to stress, and felt less fatigued, more clear and able to concentrate on building a healthy eating, exercise and life routine that till then had felt beyond my reach.
I came to Reiki hoping to alleviate a lifelong hormonal imbalance, depression, weight gain, the stress of constant travel for work, the strain of living far from home and family, and I see significant improvement in all those areas.
Paula L.

Carole Wilbourn Cat ReikiThe loss of my treasured cat in 2009 led me to Pamela’s First Degree class. As I read Pamela’s website, what really resonated with me was the word “balance,” how Reiki created balance in mind, body and spirit.
Carole Wilbourn

Since completing Pamela’s First Degree Reiki training,  I have been able to maintain  my mental, emotional and spiritual “balance” through daily self Reiki treatments. Eventually I started practicing on my feline patients and to their guardians. My Reiki practice enables me to build self- care and love into my daily life and my cat practice.

Pamela loves Reiki practice, and this love shines through in all that she does. I wasn’t able to give my late cat Reiki, but his loss led me to Pamela. My Reiki practice is his legacy.

Mark Connolly ReikiMine is a cautionary tale of not doing your Reiki research!
A few months ago, as part of my yearlong journey into self discovery and mindfulness, I decided it was time to study Reiki. The heavily advertised “international” center where I decided to study offered levels one and two in a weekend, and promised a certificate. An offer I could not refuse, although in hindsight I wish I had!
Eighteen students sat around a dingy midtown conference room to receive instruction full of bells and whistles, incantations, blessings, symbols, body scanning and something known as “feathering” It all seemed like a great party trick to me. I wondered where was the real Reiki?
I did the research I wished I had done earlier, and decided to take Pamela Miles’ First degree Reiki class.
No party tricks here, just a spiritual, centered Reiki master who teaches her students in a very calm, safe, beautiful environment with lots of hands-on practice. She is deeply informed, precise, and yet soothing, and I discovered that the only difficult thing about Reiki is accepting how simple a practice it is.
Mark Connolly

Reiki Healthcare Professionals’ Training and Presentations

Pamela Miles is not the usual presenter residents see in their conferences, but she was held to the same standards and did not disappoint. After a short demonstration of Reiki for those present, she gave an excellent synopsis of the theory and research supporting the use of Reiki. The residents found it interesting and appreciated being able to better explain Reiki to their patients. After the session, several residents and a staff member expressed a desire to become trained in Reiki practice.
– Andrea Gordon, MD, Tufts University
Your Reiki and Medicine seminar last week was simply the best integrative medicine class I have attended.
Carol Ellis, MD

Pamela, I feel so fortunate to have taken training from you. You have taught me to practice with insight and respect.
Edith Sarfati, R.N.

Mae SakharovPamela Miles is inspiring and the consummate professional, gracious, and attuned to each individual with respect and clarity of vision.
Mae Sakharov, Ed.D.
Thank you for the wonderful Reiki class you gave at Montefiore Medical Center. I have embraced Reiki in my life. The more I practice, the stronger I become. I have been having such great results, especially with infants and the very sick. Recently an 11 year-old patient with kidney failure received Reiki and felt so light and free from pain. When I practice Reiki, it seems easier to pick up patients, my young patients are easier to deal with, and parents are so pleased with the benefits. I have been a nurse for 28 years. I wish I had had the opportunity to learn Reiki sooner. Thank you again.
Myra Yangis, R.N.
Since our recent First Degree class, I have been practicing Reiki self-treatment every day, and look forward to its balancing, relaxing benefits. Although I don’t currently offer Reiki sessions to my patients while working as an RN, I notice my Reiki hands during patient care. While pushing chemotherapy to an anxious patient last week, I felt my hands become warm and noticed familiar sensations in my palms. During the treatment, which lasted 20 minutes, my patient fell asleep and I too felt more centered and relaxed. Now, during any patient intervention, I connect to my Reiki hands and am confident that my interaction is more satisfying to both my patient and myself.
Mary-Beth Charno, R.N., B.S.N., H.N.B.-B.C., O.C.N., N.P.-S.

Reiki Continuing Education Events and Mentoring

Susan Mitchell Reiki MasterI’d been practicing Reiki for thirty-three years, yet lacked the language to communicate Reiki to doctors and health care professionals. Pamela’s extensive experience working in hospitals and with physicians made her an invaluable resource. She is one of the most clear-thinking and articulate practitioners in the Reiki community. I came away from the Reiki and Medicine seminar understanding the concerns and needs of medical professionals and with a new way to speak to them.
— Susan Mitchell, Reiki Master (Susan learned First degree Reiki practice from Hawayo Takata in 1978.)
Robert Fueston Reiki masterPamela’s insistence on clear communication regarding the practice of Reiki is essential for productive interactions between Reiki practitioners and conventional healthcare professionals and the mainstream public. Her years of experience working side by side with conventional healthcare professionals make her the foremost authority in providing superb training for anyone interested in working in this health care. Her book, REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide, is a valuable resource and one of the very few books I recommend that my students read.
Robert N. Fueston, Reiki Master/Teacher, L. Ac., founder The Reiki Preservation Society
I am consistently inspired by your passion and clarity. Thank you for what you do. You help me do what I do better.
Lori-Lyn Hurley, Reiki Master
Nancy Arnott Reiki practitionerI attended the Reiki and Medicine seminar as I started Pamela’s Reiki internship program at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. The class gave me the knowledge and confidence needed to introduce Reiki and myself to the patients I treated as well as the doctors and nurses I met during my shifts. I recommend it without reservation to anyone seeking to practice Reiki in a mainstream healthcare setting.
Nancy Arnott
John CurtinI´ve taught my students to have a highly tuned BS detector when evaluating spiritual content. Pamela passed the test with flying colours, as they all commented it was obvious she spoke from hands-on, personal experience, not just theory. Some were already volunteers in the five hospitals where we have permanent Reiki units operating (in just one hospital we gave 3,800 sessions in 2014), and those were the most enthusiastic about Pamela´s talk. They said it helped them explain what they were doing not only to patients but also to the medical staff.
John Curtin, founder, Fundación Sauce, Madrid

Arletha Garcia-GuzmanI resonate with your down-to-earth explanation of Reiki as a spiritual practice. Thank you for helping me better connect with others where they are and for helping me experience more clarity in my practice. I’ll never be the same.
Arletha Garcia-Guzman

Barbara Hennessy Reiki The clarity of Pamela’s teaching has been a touchstone for me as a Reiki practitioner working with patients and hospital staff.
Barbara Hennessy
Hilary Furlong Reiki Health CarePamela provides precise, clear, and highly effective communication strategies you can immediately use in your clinical practice and in your conversations with family and friends about the benefits of Reiki.
Hilary Furlong
Linda Almond NicholsYou are filling a much needed gap in the Reiki community. I was initiated over 20 years ago by Paul Mitchell and then Amy Erez, and have recently felt called to “hang my shingle” as a practitioner. To find you was a real gift that will help me to do so.
Linda Almond-Nichols
Debra OttoEven though I had worked in the health care industry, my efforts to bring Reiki to patients and staff weren’t going anywhere and I was losing confidence. I made another round of contacts the week after taking Pamela’s class, using the strategies she suggested, and the response was dramatically different. Now I have a presentation that has been approved for one contact hour for CE for nursing professionals.  After a recent presentation I was engaged to conduct a Reiki I class for five new nursing grads!  I am thrilled to be able to credibly introduce Reiki to care givers.
Debra Otto

Anita Graham Reiki masterThe Reiki and Medicine seminar gave me invaluable practice in how to talk about Reiki in a simple and objective way, and be true to my personal experience. When I took that confidence and clarity into hospice and a surgery unit, Reiki practice and I were welcomed by staff. The nurses handed me a list of surgery patients when I arrived on the unit, and hospice staff actively look to refer families for Reiki treatment. I have also found that family members more frequently request continuing Reiki care for their loved ones. The skills I learned in the Reiki and Medicine seminar are still paying dividends.
Anita Graham, Reiki master

Lori KwasnickaPamela Miles has guided my Reiki practice since I met her in 2008, when I began taking her continuing education courses. I am a Reiki professional and Licensed Massage Therapist, and I was looking for professional career guidance. I interact with medical professions, working in hospitals and other medical settings, so it is important to me to be able to communicate Reiki with clarity and professionalism.
I started with Pamela’s Communicating Reiki and Reiki and Medicine courses, and in 2010, completed Pamela’s Reiki internship at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. That experience has been invaluable.
Regardless how long I practice, I continue to benefit from participating in her courses, webinars and presentations. I seize any opportunity to learn from her and appreciate the guidance she has given me.
Lori Kwasnicka
Hannah Setu ReikiGee Pamela, it only took me 18 months since you started your Reiki, Medicine & Self Care Facebook page to find you! My eyes are almost crossed from scanning down to your first FB post, November 27, 2009. One phrase that hit home from the communication recording is the “empowerment and satisfaction” from the knowledge you bring. I would add “relief” to that list for those of us who know a champion is sorely needed to interface or integrate, strengthen and ground Reiki practice in these interesting times we live in. I will go back to my new meetup site and tweak a few words, now that your beautiful teachings are coming in to brighten and lighten my way! Thank you for the tremendous work you are doing. It is really just stupendous. I’ll have what you’re having please and in all my gushing, I know I will have to pace and get up to speed. So, a step at a time and I look forward to contributing posts, comments and experiences soon.
— Hannah Setu
Sharon Yeskel Reiki masterEven after practicing Reiki for 17 years, I came away from the Reiki and Medicine seminar knowing how to communicate Reiki more effectively and determine the validity of Reiki research.
Sharon Yeskel, Reiki Master
Pamela Miles’s Reiki and Medicine seminar gave me the resources to enter the hospital atmosphere with confidence in how to talk and carry myself. I learned how to speak to others on a one-to-one basis and in a group. I spoke about Reiki to a group of people confidently, using effective language and concepts (which I had practiced during the class) during my hospital orientation and then later to doctors, nurses and patients in the oncology unit. I was also able to further educate doctors and nurses with printed studies that they had not previously seen from Pamela’s resources.All in all the class was invaluable as it gave me clarity on how to clearly convey my Reiki practice and behave in a hospital situation.
Claudia Sherwood, Reiki Master

Brigid Krug ReikiI enjoyed the 6 Steps to Spiritual Self-Protection/Boundaries class as Pamela outlines simple ways to implement and maintain healthy boundaries as we go about our everyday activities and interactions with people, especially useful when living in a highly populous city. I now realize that whatever situation I am in, I always have the personal power to implement a boundary if necessary. I found the short meditations helpful for self inquiry into areas where boundaries would be beneficial for my personal space, strength, and inner calmness.
— Brigid Krug

Mainstreaming Reiki and Reiki Best Practices Recordings

Thank you for a most informative and eye-opening webinar. The information you shared has given me a new attitude and perspective on how Reiki should be presented to the medical community. I have so much more to learn, but your presentation gave me confidence to proceed with this endeavor. The information on your website will be read and reread, strengthening my knowledge and providing valuable information.
Sheri Hein, Reiki master
Reiki master Denise GilbertI’ve only listened to half your podcast and I’ve already reaped benefits.
Denise Gilbert, Reiki master
Thank you for the great Reiki communication webinars. I always come away feeling more capable!
Deb Osfeld
Caroline Kohles JCC ReikiPamela Miles organizes 50 Reiki practitioners for our yearly Spa Day for Women with Cancer. The Reiki room is always the hands-down favorite for our Spa Day participants. Many of the women have never heard of Reiki and are surprised at how wonderful they feel receiving Reiki treatment. The person responsible for creating this magic is Pamela Miles. She selects, trains and is present at our Spa Day to supervise the Reiki room. As a result, no matter which practitioners  participants go to, they receive the same beautifully sequenced session.
Caroline Kohles, Senior Fitness & Wellness Program Director, JCC Manhattan
Kathy.-jpg_2-267x300Thank you so much for your informative and supportive website and online classes, Pamela. You are such a great source for everything a Reiki practitioner needs!
Kathy Falconio
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