Reiki at New York Fashion Week

Nathalie Jaspar practices at our JCC Reiki clinic often and it is always a pleasure to have her with us. This week she emailed me about her Reiki event at New York Fashion Week, and gave me permission to share:

New York Fashion Week ReikiYesterday I held my first Reiki promotional event. It went very well and I really want to thank you.

My Reiki training was well-intentioned, but short and rushed.

Yet thanks to your insistence on daily self-practice and my experience practicing at the JCC Reiki clinic, I was able to really deepen my practice during the last three years.

I work in the beauty and advertising industry, which has high levels of stress. When they offered me the chance to demonstrate Reiki practice with mini-sessions at a New York Fashion Week kick-off event, I was delighted.

The organizers put me in the corner of a suite in which they were exhibiting trendy purses and other designer wear, and everybody (mostly bloggers and journalists) was working or networking.

Thanks to practicing at the Reiki clinic — where sometimes we hear noise coming from outside the room and people still have such a positive experience — I easily found the stillness in me to practice. More surprisingly, the people who sat for a Reiki sample treatment were able to enjoy the experience and became unaware of their surroundings after a few seconds.

I also learned how little people know about Reiki practice.

I had to spell the name R-E-I-K-I for everyone. I kept my communication simple, focusing on the relaxation benefit.

I used a 9-minute First degree hands-on protocol, and asked each person to let me know if they were uncomfortable so I could adjust the position of my hands (from the changes I observed on their faces and body position, that seemed to help them feel safe). Then I let my hands do the “talking” — they “speak” so much better than I do!

It was truly amazing!

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki experience. I just needed to ask: “How are you feeling?” and they would gush about how they felt so much more relaxed and happier and they couldn’t believe they had never experienced anything like this before.

Something so simple, yet so relaxing. My favorite quote was: “I don’t know what you did, and I don’t care. I feel happy and great. Love it.”

Towards the end of the event, people started looking for the room where people get the “the massage that is not massage.”

I see that I need to repeat the word Reiki even more the next time around. And give more postcards so they can pass them along!

So… thank you, Pamela, from all my heart.


2 thoughts on “Reiki at New York Fashion Week”

  1. How wonderful. The yoga studio I go to has reiki during some of the meditation sessions but I would love for it to find its way into other areas of our busy lives. Perhaps reiki at work, at the doctors’ office or at the mall during the holiday rush.

  2. What a wonderful experience for all of these people! I think “a massage that is not a massage” is a great way to describe what reiki feels like to the untrained eye. Thanks for sharing!

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