Reiki and Psoriasis

Reiki and PsoriasisPsoriasis, like other skin problems, can be very hard to heal. Medication at best manages symptoms, but doesn’t address the cause. By supporting overall balance, Reiki practice can help your system heal the underlying causes of psoriasis and other skin problems. And because Reiki practice helps your entire system find balance, the improvements show up in many seemingly unrelated places.

Of course, we’re all unique, and everyone has his/her own story of healing with daily self Reiki practice. But if you suffer from psoriasis, or other symptoms such as anxiety, you’ll find this report from a First degree Reiki student encouraging. I’ll let Matt tell you in his own words.

Eleven Months of Self Reiki: Psoriasis Heals First

The first change I noticed after practicing daily self Reiki was the psoriasis I’ve had consistently for years on the knuckles of my right hand has completely gone away. It went away permanently and rather quickly.

I’d made no change to my diet or taken any medication to treat the psoriasis. In fact, whenever I tried taking psoriasis medication in the past, it never made the psoriasis go away.

Reiki self practice was the only change in my daily routine.

Reiki practice benefits communication, dreams, wit and anxiety

While that was a very noticeable physical change, a lot of what I’ve experienced is subtle and takes introspection to notice on a day-to-day basis.

For example, I’m now a better communicator. That’s made such a difference because my job entails talking to people all day long, often in the capacity of explaining how things work.

Before practicing self Reiki, I was a ‘good’ communicator but would often over-explain things. Now I say the same things better, without over doing it.

Now my dreams are often more organized and EPIC. I frequently remember my dreams and the same dream can seem to last a whole evening of sleep, with a logical series of events. The dreams still have their oddities but rarely do they seem like complete nonsense. Some dreams have revealed emotions about people I’ve known that have come as a complete surprise.

I’ve always had a sense of humor, the quality of which of course depends on whom you ask.

Since I’ve been practicing self Reiki, I feel like at times I’m a little wittier and the subtle physicality needed to deliver entertainment-quality sarcasm has gotten better.

While the psoriasis has gone and I’ve seen a lot of overall improvement, I still struggle with anxiety, but I feel like this is a ship—perhaps an ocean liner—that’s being asked to turn around. I think I’m doing better in regards to anxiety and hopeful the ship will continue to turn.

Helping a stranger with Reiki practice

My girlfriend and I had a public instance of Reiki in December.

A homeless man in our downtown Barnes & Noble was in the magazine area sitting on a bench. He made a startling noise and when I looked behind me he had toppled over backwards and fell, hitting his head, causing it to bleed.

He was having a seizure.

We sat beside him placing our hands lightly on his body and letting him know we were there with him until the paramedics arrived. It was harrowing, but we thought the gesture would mean something to him, letting him know he wasn’t alone.

I’m hoping our Reiki practice helped him recover more quickly from the episode.


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