Nature and Reiki

Have you ever noticed how similar being in nature and Reiki self practice make you feel?

Our days of Covid confinement coincided with the cherry blossoms in New York City’s Central Park. Nearly every day, I’ve strapped on my mask to stroll the path.

I saw the first tiny buds appear, watched as branches exploded with blossoms, and now I’m savoring the pink snow blanketing the path.

It makes me sigh. And reminds me of the yawns that often punctuate my Reiki self practice.

Nature research

I’d been aware of research documenting the healing effect of nature long before The Gates was installed in Central Park.

Patients who saw a nature photo on the ceiling while waiting to be wheeled into surgery had better outcomes. So did patients who could see nature out their hospital window or who even an image of nature in their hospital room. Studies have shown better health statistics in neighborhoods immediately surrounding green space.

Living on the concrete island of Manhattan, I found the studies very interesting, but I had no felt personal experience.

Nature is balancing

That changed in February 2005. Every day for the two weeks of The Gates, I bundled up to stroll the path adorned by 7,305 saffron fabric panels.

I don’t know why I did that. I’m not really a nature gal, and I’m no fan of cold weather. I was used to spending February indoors, or in a cab going from one interior to another. And February 2005 was quite cold.

The impact of two weeks of daily strolls in the cold surprised me.

Even though I was already in good health, I noticed a subtle yet unmistakable improvement in how I felt. I really didn’t want that to be true because I’d rather spend winter indoors (or in Mexico). I didn’t know why it was true. I had an active yoga practice so it wasn’t the physical activity.

Still, I couldn’t deny my experience. I kept contemplating.

Reiki is balancing

Nature and Reiki are one.Finally I realized walking in the magnificent trees in Central Park–or any other natural environment–gave me the same sense of balance I feel after Reiki self practice.

Aha! Both nature and Reiki practice are balancing.

When we’re balanced, we feel better and we function better. And we make better choices, ones that help us stay balanced. Choices that are kind to ourselves, to others, and to our planet.

It’s really so simple. It’s an improvement we can feel.

And it’s not mere suggestion; it’s a measurable, reproducible physiologic shift.

We often don’t notice how unbalanced we’ve gotten. Reiki self practice makes it so easy to come back to ourselves quickly.

Let’s balance together

Since early March, I’ve been leading free online global I Love MySelf Reiki self practice sessions. Nearly 14,000 people from 88 countries have registered. We come together online on Tuesdays and Saturdays, as you are able.

As we balance ourselves through Reiki self practice, we experience our true nature. Our state becomes steadier. We’re more creative, less reactive.

As we balance ourselves, we balance our world. And maybe even help protect nature and our planet. Isn’t that something you want to be part of? Let’s take refuge in our practice and our diverse global community.

Please join us, and invite your friends.


11 thoughts on “Nature and Reiki”

  1. Walking in nature is my daily medicine. I feel at home there. It not only makes me feel at peace with myself but also somehow energizes me as well. I see beauty everywhere in the forest. I’m so lucky to live on Vancouver Island where I’m surrounded by beautiful nature at every turn.

    1. You are lucky indeed to live in Vancouver Island, Lyn! I’ve only been there once, but it’s very special.

  2. Reiki and nature bring a sense of oneness with all that is. I usually walk early and do self practice later in the day. As soon as I get a chance, I plan on a nature Walk after Reiki in the morning. Thanks for enlightening me. I love your sessions and will make a contribution soon. You and your sessions bring bright Reiki light to us all in our hours of home confinement. Reiki blessings to you from me for this!

  3. Deborrah Tatum

    Peace and contentment fill me when I am out in nature and when I finish a self reiki session. A oneness that permeates body, mind and spirit. It connects me in powerful ways to everything! My breathing slower, my senses alive, and my mind quieted.

  4. Being close to nature brings a sense of peace as Reiki does. 50 years ago I lived in England and all the streets in my neighbourhood were lined with cherry trees so when spring arrived it felt like pink snow on the ground and everywhere. There were so many blossoms it dampened any sounds so you felt engulfed in nature. Self Reiki brings that same feeling.

    1. Just reading the image you painted of your old neighborhood lifted my spirits, Kristine, even though I wasn’t feeling at all down. Thank you!

  5. My mind feels most at peace when I go walking in the woods. I am a big bike rider too. I am currently going through radiation – 5 treatments-1st one today Monday May 4th. It went well. I sent myself a Reiki treatment before I go. I practice every day. I am also a Breast cancer survivor- 5 years 4 months. Pamela, thank you so much for organizing your twice weekly Reiki shares. I plan on donating to you as soon as I can.

  6. Eloise Morley

    Pamela, I remember the Gates in Central Park well. I lived in Brooklyn in those days and visited the Gates many times. I had worried that they would be a bit garish, and found them enchanting. Yes, nature, even green leaves sprouting through a crack in concrete, cause me to breathe deeply. I keep myself surrounded by green plants in my home, as I no longer live where I can plant outside. Thank you for pointing out the connection between Reiki and Nature. Eloise

  7. Yes Pamela I resonate with what you are saying here. My favorite days are when I’m walking in the trees or swimming in the ocean.
    I believe were not only part of nature but weare nature. There is no division.
    My teacher Deepak Chopra says we are our environment. Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo and your experience.

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