Daily Self Reiki Update

Daily Self Reiki PracticeDaily Reiki self has supported me since I learned to practice Reiki in 1986.

Already a meditator, I understood spiritual practices help most when we practice them consistently, and self Reiki is so easy — just place your hands and voilà!

So I began practicing self Reiki every morning before getting out of bed.

My daily self Reiki surprise

Thirty years later, I created the Daily Self Reiki Challenge to encourage others to self practice and enjoy the benefits I’ve come to cherish.

It never occurred to me creating the challenge would deepen my daily self Reiki experience.

Now every morning, as I start self practice, I remember the thousands of people I’m practicing with. Each day, wherever we are, we practice with the same intention to heal our world by healing ourselves.

I feel your presence. I feel your commitment. I am honored to practice with you.

Starting daily self Reiki (again)

Have you fallen away from your self practice? Or maybe you never started? Perhaps you practice regularly, but it’s a chore, not a joy. Let’s change that. Please join us.

Do you have a Reiki buddy who is struggling to maintain self practice, or has completely fallen away from it? Please share your experience with them, and encourage them to try again. Click here for the signup link.

And please share your experience with us in a comment below.


18 thoughts on “Daily Self Reiki Update”

  1. Reiki self practice brings Reiki into my day , helping me live a way of life that it doesn’t matter how the flow is going I can pull myself back to center anytime, anywhere. Always reminding me of the 5 precepts. They have become a daily mantra for me.
    Deepest gratitude to you Pamela for your guidance and inspiration. H
    Mary Jo

  2. Dear Pamela,
    thank you for the motivation, advise and encouragement.
    Reading your posts for over 5 years, made me aware of the importance of daily self practice and i have been doing so daily in the morning, it allows me, I believe, to deal with live and the many challenges in a much more calm and healthy way.

  3. Loving this reiki challenge . I cannot wait to get home and practice . It is keeping me awake though, not sleeping well . Also I have had a cold and sinus problems, and it seems to be helping me a little . A lot of sensation at the crown chakra ?

  4. I just wanted to say that I too am honored to join everyone in a daily practice! Daily Reiki practice has become as essential as daily breakfast-both supportive and nourishing as well.

  5. Hi Pamela, I had gallbladder surgery and am now doing self practice daily. My pain has much reduced. Thanks.

    1. Wonderful news, Archana! Reiki practice not only helps with pain, but also seems to speed the natural course of healing after surgery.

  6. With different time zones,its difficult to get a Reiki buddy. Tried getting one at home(India) but never got one.

  7. I have so much chronic pain that the hand positions are difficult, and often impossible to do on myself. I have resorted to meditating on the Reiki symbols, and trusting that it will help where it is needed. Unfortunately, I have not improved and am plagued with pain that I cannot manage. Any suggestions?

    1. I don’t know what protocol you are using, Connie, so I cannot suggest specific adaptations, but I have had students with pain and limited mobility improve with a hands-on protocol modified according to their abilities.

      Skip any placements you need to, either in general or on any given day, and place only one hand at a time if that helps.

      Support your body and arms with extra pillows so you aren’t holding yourself in odd positions.

      The protocol we start with has placements on the head and torso. Click here to read it and see if any of those placements are possible. If not, just place one or both hands on your body as you are able to.

  8. Hi Pamela, I do my self Reiki at night. I get to about position 5 and fall asleep. Should I start alternate positions each night?

    1. That’s a great question. if you fall asleep at the fifth position every night and are missing the remaining placements, then you might try alternating starting points, beginning at the head one night and starting at the lower abdomen the next night and moving up.

      1. Re: falling asleep before I complete all the placements – like Tanya – I alternate starting points (head, lower abdomen, etc.).

  9. Practicing alone while in community is a concept that makes me smile. Time is irrelevant. Geography is irrelevant. Language isn’t necessary. Our common bond is intentional and vibrational. What a lovely ripple effect.

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