Happy Birthday, Usui Sensei!

Happy Birthday, Usui Sensei! And many happy returns of the day – for all of us. You live on through us in the form of our Reiki practice.

To honor Usui’s gift to us, I created the Usui Virtual Retreat as a gift to the global Reiki community.

Special blessings to everyone in India, as you celebrate your Independence Day.

May our consistent Reiki self practice help us all discover the freedom that exists within us.


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Usui Sensei!”

  1. Thank you, Pamela, for your comments on Aug 19th to my note.
    I did not explain myself clearly and when I wrote I could not see the benefits yet, I was referring to the long term benefits you suggested in the ABC’s of journaling section when you wrote:
    “yet you notice a healthy difference in how you feel between your self-treatments. Maybe you find yourself sleeping more peacefully, feeling kinder or being less reactive (who, me?), eating more slowly, or wanting fewer cigarettes.”
    I count myself blessed as I have experienced increased joy and peace in my life and the wonder of this human experience for a few years now, thanks to Reiki. I would like to remain open to any changes that may happen so that when the retreat is over I may look back and be able to see that I have experienced a shift in some part of my life, whatever that might be.

  2. For this Virtual Retreat, I decided that I would take the time to try to figure out what are the subconsious reasons for my aches and pains. Although, I do practice self-treatment every day, I often do part of it while watching TV. I decided that for these 3 weeks, I would keep the TV off and really be mindful of what is happening as I practice. On Sunday morning I had an amazing session. At first I really went into a meditative space. I became aware of my hands when they were on the heart position. It was as if they were “stuck” there. I really couldn’t move them. I also remember feeling an amazing amount of heat and vibration at that position. Then I went into a dream and dreamed that I was traveling back in time…. I was going through several rooms. One possible interpretation of that is that I was traveling through various levels of consciousness. There were other things in the dream that I won’t bore you with, but they spoke to me.

    I know that I had more dreams last night, but I didn’t want to get up and write them down so I lost most of it to my conscious mind. I do have the feeling that they were significant. I will try to pay more attention.

    I am appreciating the mindfulness of this practice. I have a wonderful Reiki community here and I shared this with them and encouraged them to try it. I have gotten a few responses from people that they are interested and doing some things. Hopefully they will submit comments on this blog. I am also teaching a new Reiki I workshop this weekend and I will share this experience with them.

  3. I LOVE what you wrote about your experience during self-treatment, Shona:

    “I felt so peaceful and could feel all the parts of my body and the feeling of being a pulsating living organism.”
    “I felt the awe and wonder of this human experience.”
    “I also was aware of that wonderful feeling of what I call joy which seems to be inside my chest.”

    I laughed out loud when I read the part where you said you don’t yet know the benefits of treatment. Don’t those three count? 🙂

  4. Today was interesting for me… I lay down to do my self-treatment and as I was shifting into a deep meditative state, a thought of my friend popped into my mind and I knew that I had to check my calendar for her appointment. I had misunderstood and thought Friday was our date but today was the day I was supposed to see her. Thankfully, I was able to get there a little late. I was so grateful that I was somehow prompted in that meditation to check the date. If I had not done the meditation at that time, I would not have remembered. I know I was meant to be with my friend, who has ALS, today and something made it happen.
    When I eventually did my self-treatment I felt so peaceful and could feel all the parts of my body and the feeling of being a pulsating living organism. It’s not the easiest to explain in words but I felt the awe and wonder of this human experience. I also was aware of that wonderful feeling of what I call joy which seems to be inside my chest.
    I don’t know the benefits of the treatments yet but I do enjoy doing this regularly for myself. I know I will see the “big picture” later.

  5. I am so glad to be taking part in this retreat as it is motivating me to do my self-treatments every day. I have not been doing my self-treatments regularly. I had been feeling sluggish and headachey for no good reason for about a week and thinking about giving in and seeing my doctor. Anyway, I am feeling more energised today with no headache and able to accomplish my daily tasks. I am feeling the joy energy, which I usually feel since I started practising reiki, coming back and I also feel really peaceful. I have been sending out distance reiki for a few friends who want it, also for peace/love in the world and nourishing food for the hungry especially the children of the world. I will also do a self-treatment in the knowledge that we all work harmoniously with each other and the medical profession; I know that the medical profession recognises the worth of the niche we fill to care for our fellow human beings with whom we are one in spirit. Every day I hold a prayer that all peoples of the world want to work together for peace, healing and the care of our planet. I have had no real insights yet during the treatments but I am feeling so good and all is well. Apart from my hospital work, I am wanting to feel more motivation to work on my website and help others to learn about the benefits of reiki. I would like to have more courage to make it happen! I know this will come when the time is right.
    Thank you for setting this up, Pamela and Mari. I look forward to the days ahead.

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