Reiki Connection

Reiki HealingReiki practice connects us to that which connects us, to that which is us.

All the changes that occur with Reiki practice — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual — come from opening our subtle awareness to perceive the largest context, our immediate and ultimate connectedness to everyone, and to all that is: our oneness.

As our hands lightly connect with our bodies in daily practice, the limits of our awareness touch infinity.

We become more accepting and honoring of individuality, both our own and one anothers’, and more grateful for the world we inhabit.

This ability to enjoy ourselves, each another, and the world around us unfolds naturally and gracefully through daily Reiki self-treatment, as our awareness slowly, gently expands into that which connects us, that oneness we can only experience from within.


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6 thoughts on “Reiki Connection”

  1. Beautifully written Pamela, with your permission I would like to share it [with acknowledgment] with my students, some of whom struggle to understand the importance of Self-Reiki in developing their awareness of being One with All.

  2. I received my level IV in October of 2013 and have been doing daily meditation and self Reiki since, what a difference it has made. I am such a more compassionate and kind person as well as more spiritual and my Reiki practice for my clients is much more intense and beneficial . I encourage everyone to do as Pamela suggests and make self practice a part of your everyday routine, it has made a huge difference in becoming the best I can be.

  3. I enjoy going through your blogs, Pamela, as they are rich with information and wisdom…

    But this particular blog is I think the one that I resonate with the most and one that I think is most profound. I’m surprised that it gathered only few comments to think that a lot of answers to questions about our practice can be traced to the statements you made above.

    There is nothing else I can add. I think you said it all. Thank you!

  4. Reiki promotes an awakening to our origin, the divine.

    If you look at the Elizabethan frame of nature or conception of the universe, this is what you see.

    The initial state of the material universe was chaos; all atoms were in strife…no form.

    When God created the world, his spirit,{the spirit of God is love, (which sounds like Reiki to me)} moved over this chaos and colonized it or shaped it into stable forms which is the form of the universe. Stars and planets move in certain patterns, atoms cohere together to make humans and animals and plants. As long as love prevails, the universe is sustained. Love is necessary for an orderly condition of nature. Once love is withdrawn, nature reverts to chaos. We have two opposed conditions…chaos- or total lack of form, and nature- everything in proper, orderly form. Elemental strife prevails in chaos and love prevails in nature. When love is withdrawn, strife begins to invade.

    If Reiki is our origin, Reiki is love. A Reiki treatment is a physical and mental and spiritual reminder that we are divine and part of this orderly system. Love prevails through Reiki and with it nudges our bodies and minds back to order when strife or chaos of modern time starts to take over.

    This is why Reiki heals, balances, attunes…order is our original, divine form.

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