Starting Daily Self Reiki, Again

Receiving frequent emails about starting daily self Reiki inspired me to create the free 30-day Daily Self-Reiki Challenge. Now when people ask, I have a way to help them. Plus I get beautiful thank you emails!

Canadian Reiki practitioner Ann Robitaille learned to practice Reiki 30 years ago and stopped. Her story shows that no matter how long it’s been since you were trained, starting daily self Reiki now will help you — it’s never too late!

starting daily self reikiStarting Daily Self Reiki 30 Years Later
by Ann Robitaille

I’m not even half-way through the 30-day Daily Self Reiki Challenge, but already feel the urge to express all my gratitude for all that I received from it.

I was initiated some 30 years ago. A powerful initiation I think, but no more contact with the woman who initiated me (she lived far away). I did not understand all the importance of self-practice.

Since I had a very restricted social circle in a new city, I did not get to practice often on others, felt guilty about it and, after maybe a year-and-a-half, stopped everything. I thought I had lost it.

But what I am going through right now with the self-practice is so eye- and heart-opening, and joyful! I don’t remember if I had been told about Mrs. Takata** at the time of my initiation, but from images received at my first two practices, I think I am connected to her.

The first image was the face of a beautiful, fresh-souled Japanese adolescent smiling at me – contagious intelligent and sensible smile…well, I should say, a young girl with an Asian look. I thought Japanese because until I was about 16, I was often told I looked Japanese and I related to that face. She brought me a lot of joy and love.

A day or two later, I inwardly saw a woman in her thirties wearing a kimono. She had loose short hair, no make up. The kimono was beautifully elegant: dark violet and blue with very very subtle touches of gold embrodery. Light and silky. I saw her from her right side profile. Her head was lightly bending down. She looked concentrated and serene, but far away from me. My feelings? Mainly puzzled and in observation. I did not think of Mrs Takata. And only now while writing, it comes to me that many many years ago (and it lasted for a long while), I had this idea that one of those days, I would have someone tailor me a long blouse, Mao style, violet with gold details in the inside.

And I would like to add an interesting detail. I never talked to anybody about this practice I was doing. I went to my parents home last weekend and one of the cargivers told me she started reading again about Reiki. Like me, she had been initiated many, many years ago but almost never practided. She was very excited about renewing with Reiki and look at me and said, “It definitely shows when a person practices daily self Reiki.” Her comment surprised me, because I had been feeling so nervous that day.

To me, there is absolutely no doubt that Reiki is a spiritual practice.

*Sign up for the Spanish 30-day Daily Reiki Self Practice.

**Hawayo Takata and her Reiki master Chujiro Hayashi (who was trained by Reiki founder Mikao Usui) brought Reiki practice to the U.S. in the late 1930s.


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5 thoughts on “Starting Daily Self Reiki, Again”

  1. Pamela
    I used your book Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide to bring me back to my practice when I stray. I keep it next to my bed and will just open it and read where ever I land. I’m a nurse and use Reiki on myself and coworkers. My husband is also very receptive and inspired my interest in Reiki years ago due to his back pain. I am a nurse and use Reiki daily. I was blessed Reiki I & II was offered as a 3 and 4 credit college level course at my local community college. Thank you for your book and spreading Reiki.

  2. I live in India. I am unable to attend any of your classes. But I am learning through your blogs. Thanks a lot. Thanks to Reiki for having connected me with you

  3. I am from Texas, as you along ways from new york. I would like to attend one of your classes but it’s impossible for me to do so. How could I get you to come over to Texas? Thank you very much for everything you do.

    Always in Reiki, John

    1. Thanks, John, I would love to come to Texas. Let’s email to see if we can make something happen. Please click contact on the upper right and tell me more what you have in mind, and where you are in Texas.

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