Can You Help?

Reiki Healing HelpA friend and I were catching up while savoring finger food at a favorite Lebanese restaurant. I amused him with a funny story about an accident I’d had.

We were laughing, and then his face showed concern.

He said his wife had a similar health problem to the one I’d healed. He asked if I could help.

Asking for help

My friend is brilliant and accomplished, wildly successful in his field. He has helped me in various ways during the 40 years we’ve know each other. He had never before asked for my help.

He knows what I do, and is supportive. He seems genuinely interested in my work, but had never accepted my offers of help. (Do you have a friend like that?)

I contemplated our conversation, replaying it over and over, searching for what was different…

In the past, if he mentioned a need, I offered help, and it went nowhere.

This time I wasn’t trying to help; I simply mentioned what helped me. Helping his wife was his idea.

This time, he saw the possibility, and reached for it.

Lesson learned.


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