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Feedback helps organizers learn what went well, how people benefited, and what to add the next time around. I asked Boston area Reiki master and conference organizer Elise Brenner to share their post-conference feedback. But be careful — seeing how much benefit came from the conference just might inspire you to plan a grassroots Reiki conference for your community!

Reiki ConferenceBoston Reiki Conference 2013 Outcomes
By Elise Brenner

The 2013 Celebration of Reiki Conference in Watertown, Massachusetts generated vitality, energy, and excitement in our Reiki community. That strength was palpable in the smiles and hugs that spread contagiously through the crowd all day long. As one attendee said, “It was a big, warm hug that you didn’t want to end.”

Reiki conference fills many needs

Conference-goers left with valuable insights, connections and information from the various presenters, panels and workshops. Attendees shared their takeaways:

  • “I learned that living the Usui Principles becomes easier if you take time for your own Reiki self-care every day.”
  • “I realized that even as I might add things to my own sessions to enhance a client’s healing or comfort, simply offering Reiki itself is enough.”
  • “I am humbled by how far I have to go. There were so many people who just truly are Reiki. They speak with such patience and humility, and it is definitely that orientation that rings most true with me.”
  • “I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride for the progress Reiki has made. The stories of Reiki’s positive impact in various medical settings, and the sheer number of conference attendees from healthcare professions, are an explicit testament to the value that Reiki practice can bring and the acceptance and respect it has achieved.”
  • “I became aware of the legal and ethical considerations involved in bringing Reiki practice into conventional health care.”
  • “I learned the power of community.”
  • “I was inspired to delve into my community and my own Reiki practice for self-transformation. I saw how those two influence one another.”
  • “I got an idea of what kind of practitioners were in my immediate area, and to whom I could reach out to learn and grow.”
  • “The workshops and panels I attended helped me to see how Reiki practice can play a practical role in the world today. I ended the day feeling very excited to be a part of it all.”
  • “I deeply appreciated the gathering simply as that — a coming together of diverse, yet devoted practitioners sharing and connecting. “
  • “The opening panel on diversity of practice created an affirming space for creating community throughout the conference and beyond. I left wishing there were more frequent opportunities for group Reiki activities.”
  • “The Conference highlighted the necessity for me to regularly meet with other Reiki practitioners to share experiences and brainstorm.”
  • “The beautiful spirit of the event was very powerful. Things that are normally intangible had more presence, and you just felt surrounded by goodness, kindness, compassion, and community.”

A Reiki community moves forward together

A very practical outcome from the May 2013 Conference is the initiative to form special interest working groups related to Reiki outreach and advocacy.

Before our next conference, Reiki practitioners will connect around their mutual interests (for example, bringing Reiki to people in grief) through a forum on the conference website. They will meet face-to-face during the after-lunch working groups hour at the April 27, 2014 conference.

From the feedback attendees gave on the evaluation forms, the conference planning committee realized the next conference must feature more open time for new Reiki friends and colleagues to talk and share information and resources informally.

We need not function as Reiki islands, separate and isolated. At the Celebration of Reiki Conference, we fully experienced the power, potential, and affirming spirit of our vital Reiki community.


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  1. I want to encourage the larger Reiki community to consider creating a Reiki Conference in your area. The first one need not be a huge undertaking, perhaps a 1/2 day conference. All of us have wonderful colleagues in our own communies who can present workshops. I am more than happy to serve as a resource in your endeavors. Contact me!

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