We Are All Angels

Reiki healingWe are all angels, and sometimes we feel a bit banged up.

Instead of recycling our woes in worry and anger, it’s possible to recapture a sense of well-being, to remember how good it can feel to simply be ourselves. Placing our Reiki hands on our bodies is a good first step.

Then follow up with the gift that keeps on giving — daily hands-on Reiki self-practice.

Reiki restoration

The point of our practice is not to go back to the person we used to be — we know where that takes us —  but rather to restore a sense of wholeness and well-being in spite of our dings, to forgive ourselves for whatever way we feel we don’t measure up, recognize what effort might be needed, and then make that effort with a good heart.

These charming cherubs are not more or less adorable for being banged up. They — like us — are what they are, and they — like us — are here for us to enjoy.

When has your Reiki self-practice taken you from a place of feeling less-than to a place of wellness and empowerment? Please share in a comment below, or click here to comment if you are reading an email.

And if you would like to make a public statement of your intention to offer yourself daily Reiki self-practice in a comment below, you will receive the silent support of the extended community. Every time we make or read a comment, let’s pause to wish one another happiness and wellness. And since this is the first day of the new Mayan cycle, we could make it our intention for the next 64,000 years!

SPECIAL TREAT: the first person who identifies where this fresco can be found will receive a half-hour phone or skype mentoring session as my gift.


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13 thoughts on “We Are All Angels”

  1. I intend to offer myself daily self treatments not only for my chronic migraines but to better learn every inch of myself. Through my self treatments so far Reiki has opened up so much for me, relaxation, rejuvenation, even some illness to help me better understand how to take better care of myself, but overall it is leading me to balance. Because what is balance without a little bit of everything so you can meet it all in the middle? So thank you all for your support for my daily regimen. I know that I sometimes miss the mark but I always get back on that Reiki horse! :D

    My guess is that these slightly banged up angels are from New York :).

    1. Theresa, and that is what is important, that we keep coming back to practice, we continually start again. Good for you!

      We have a lot of slightly and not-so-slightly banged up angels in New York, but that is not where I saw these lovely cherubs.

  2. Love and light to you and all your readers. I appreciate your support of my daily self-treatment regimen. Pamela you are a tireless advocate for this and it is you who got me to doing this daily a couple years ago. Thank you.

    I don’t know where this fresco was photographed but it so beautiful and full of character. Thank you for sharing.
    It’s nice to have the angel in us acknowledged.

  3. I offer myself during my daily Reiki practice and welcome the silent support of the community. Was this photo taken in Ireland?

      1. hmmmmm so hard to know. There are so many beautiful fresco’s all over the world give honor to our beautiful angel friends. The only other place I would guess is Italy but quite literally this fresco could be anywhere in Europe or South America or the US. I love it no matter where it is from and thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. Reiki practice is effective if we are consistent in daily self-treatment, whether or not we have trust in ourselves. Developing trust takes time, but will happen as part of the process of healing.

  4. In this latest period of my life, as I have engaged in a rigorous daily self-treatment Reiki practice. I witness a shift in me which I can honestly describe as that of stepping into a land of empowered trust and support, in which the steps I take are steady and aware. Through my daily practice I am supporting this. Reiki practice is the anchor and the cursor that directs me forwards into my self-rightfulness and self-trust. I could graphically describe it as being at the core of any decision I take; it balms every thought that crosses my mind. I look at my self tenderly and with a calm curiosity, embracing my vulnerability as a gift of creativity. I feel accepted by my own self, I feel I can move forwards releasing and in-taking what life and Reiki practice have to offer, with joy!

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