First Degree Reiki Can Be Life-Changing

Emma Goldman-Sherman wrote a beautiful poem to celebrate learning First degree Reiki, and then had a life-changing first week of self practice. I asked to share her email with you.

Reiki Is Life ChangingReiki Is Astounding

I have been practicing self Reiki many hours each day and night since receiving First Degree from you, and my life has turned around so completely, it is astounding!

During our class last week, I mentioned the doctor who had been trying to get me to start chemotherapy. Results of tests that came back this Monday indicated a completely different problem, one that is easily treatable and which resolves most of the reasons the doctor wanted to start chemo, so that is no longer an issue!

Two other sets of tests came back that indicate I am actually in great health! So the chemo doctor was way way off.  (One test was from before the Reiki class, and the other was from the day after class ended.)

I also heard late last week that I will have a staged reading of a play of mine in San Francisco at the end of this month with a full production to follow next fall.

This week I was asked to join New York Writers Workshop and teach classes at New York Public Library for them. Both of those things are very much aligned with my goals which have been on hold since I got sick four months ago.

So I am now well, and my career as a playwright, poet and teacher is moving toward resurrection! And all just one week after starting to practice First degree self Reiki.

All these amazing developments mean it will be at least a few months before I can practice at the JCC Reiki Clinic, but I look forward to seeing you there in the spring.




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  1. Reading what Emma has written brings me such joy! Thank you for sharing this with all of us. What wonderful news! I continue to think about our classmates, wishing them health and happiness each day. Daily Reiki practice has been of great comfort to me in the management of my chronic injury. I am so very grateful for your guidance Pamela! Warmly, Nova

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