First Reiki Self Treatment

On the subway home from the first session of this week’s First degree Reiki class, playwright and poet Emma Goldman-Sherman penned a poem to memorialize her experience. I loved it, and she graciously agreed to share it will all of us.

Reiki Self TreatmentThe First Time

is always like this — the unknown
stepping off the curb, the abyss,
to edge away from home
to search an unfamiliar arc of stars
no longer from this spot here
at this particular time of year,
or the body rearranging itself
to match a better plan,
or, according to magnetic poles, True North,
or, touching that long-standing numbness
turn to zings, the pins and needles
sparkling on the inside, diving the deep well,
or my heart, defrosting, slips off its nautilus shell
to become (maybe for the first time) decipherable.

— Emma Goldman-Sherman, NYC



3 thoughts on “First Reiki Self Treatment”

  1. I recall how the first few self reiki treatments were a way of exploring the energy around me, feeling the subtle yet tangible differences as my hands moved across my body and through the fields. I still love it and I’m now a level 2 practitioner.

  2. Reiki – The first time is always beautiful although not everyone is able to express it so beautifully as Emma Goldman-Sherman did. Thanks for sharing your poem with all of us.

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