First Degree Reiki Update

A grandmother sent an update two months after her First degree Reiki class and agreed for me to share it with you. Perhaps you’ve experienced similar benefits from your daily self practice. Please share how your Reiki practice has helped you in a comment below.

Reiki Update

I have been practicing faithfully every single day since we last met. I love Reiki practice (and have learned to spell it) and have read your entire book.

Two days after class ended, I suffered an extreme flare-up of arthritis in my knee and couldn’t bear weight at all.

I continued my full daily self practice and also placed my Reiki hands on my knee. I was couch-bound for several weeks, so cannot say what the results of practice might have been in normal circumstances, but here’s what I have noticed.

I now have much more patience with myself (and others). I generally feel better about myself.

I knew my Reiki practice was working when I was on the phone with Time Warner for an hour trying to fix the cable box and was able to remain relatively calm. Actually the hour extended to a series of phone calls for two days, with no anger on my part.

The good sleep I experienced during the days of the class didn’t last, but my sleep is definitely better than it used to be.

One other thing I want to mention is the importance I have found in the Reiki Precepts. I repeat them to myself once in awhile as I practice. I have never come across anything that so fully encapsulates a good guide for living each day.

Bottom line: I have had positive results, if not very dramatic ones, but enough that I’m committed to practicing daily self Reiki for life!


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4 thoughts on “First Degree Reiki Update”

  1. I can not imagine how I could have gotten through this week without relying on my soothing Reiki practice. Starting a new job at a prestigious hospital, and going through the orientation/competency training has been very overwhelming. My morning practice has toned down my anxiety, and when I wake up in the middle of the night, Reiki practice calms my mind and body so I can rest and often dose back to sleep.

    Also this week I had a great discussion with a new hire RN who has Reiki training. She mentioned that she should be practicing more self treatment. I shared with her how much it helps me. I think our conversation was helpful to inspire her to include Reiki self practice in her daily routine.
    Such a great feeling to be a spark to rekindle the flame.

  2. How beautifully your new student has expressed her experience. I’m sure it’s echoed by many who have come to appreciate and value this simple, profound and subtle daily practice. It’s inspiring to hear from a grandmother who’s embracing Reiki – I’m sure her family will enjoy the benefits too.

  3. I realized one day recently while talking to a group of family members who were talking about their fears of illness (fears of ticks/Lyme Disease, fear of Ebola, fear of flu if you don’t get a shot etc.) that I was no longer afraid. I realized that my daily Reiki self care has put a “force field” around me to protect me and that fear could not penetrate this field.

    1. That’s very beautiful, Donna, thank you.

      Are you sure it is a force field around you, or might your lack of fear be the strength of your own healed heart?

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