Reiki Helps Postpartum Depression

Constadina Vasiliades is a Reiki master in Colorado Springs, Colorado who participated in the first WRITE REIKI online program.

So many new mothers suffer from postpartum depression, and it often goes undiagnosed. Reiki self practice offers accessible support because moms can practice in bed.

We hope Constadina’s story helps other mothers who are suffering from postpartum depression get the help they need, so they can enjoy and savor those precious early days of their babies’ lives.

Constadina Vasiliades postpartum depressionPresence Over Perfection: How Reiki Self Practice Rescued One Mom from Postpartum Depression
by Constadina Vasiliades

On the morning of my first Mother’s Day, I was sobbing uncontrollably. My mother and mother-in-law were trying to console me, but my hormones were on a roller coaster ride. I had postpartum depression. 

My husband was confused by my illogical behavior. How could he understand what a failure my postpartum depression convinced me I was? I didn’t have enough breast milk for our precious two-month-old daughter. 

Sleep-deprived from two months of breastfeeding every three hours, I couldn’t think straight. Even when she wasn’t nursing, when my baby was snuggling against me, I was stressing about what I might be doing wrong. There was no escaping postpartum depression.

My doctor and husband convinced me my child had lost so much weight, I had to start feeding her formula at night. My hormonal, chaotic, self-judging mind struggled to accept what my baby’s health required.

My postpartum depression starts lifting with Reiki self practice

Once she started on nighttime formula, I got more sleep, and began thinking clearly again. I remembered my Reiki self practice, which had supported me throughout pregnancy, calming anxiety, relieving discomforts, helping me sleep.

After my baby was born, I felt too tired to even rest my hands on myself to practice; my self care slipped away. Soon my life felt out of control, and depression took over. 

Once I restarted my daily self practice, the exhaustion and postpartum depression began to recede. The night of my first full practice, I had the deepest, most restful sleep in two months. I awoke feeling more like the loving mother I had hoped I could be.

I started practicing self Reiki in bed while my daughter napped. I shut off all electronics. It was hard to resist sharing baby photos through e-mail and Facebook, but I knew I needed the support of my self Reiki practice to heal, and chose sanity over postpartum depression. 

Moving out of postpartum depression hand by hand

As I placed hands on my abdomen to practice, I remembered my body was still healing from birth. Obsessing about my lack of breast milk had distracted me from the weak muscles, aches, and pains my hands were now comforting. 

Often I napped after Reiki practice, something I hadn’t allowed myself to do. Napping became easier and deeper as I continued my daily self practice. 

As my postpartum depression started lifting and I started feeling so much better, I began practicing Mommy and Me yoga at home. I regained my physical strength, and built a deeper connection to my daughter. We started taking walks in the fresh air.

Each time I placed my hands on my heart during Reiki practice, I felt the guilt melt. I took deep breaths and often teared up. The lump in my heart slowly dispersed. I forgave myself for something I had had no control over.  

In the peacefulness of my daily Reiki self practice, I came to realize my child only wanted a loving, caring, present mother; continuing my Reiki practice helped me be that. Over time, I came to see what a good mom I truly was.

Now my baby was happy and I was happy, and that’s what really mattered. I’d released myself from the prison of postpartum depression.


10 thoughts on “Reiki Helps Postpartum Depression”

  1. Dina this is beautiful and I cannot imagine how many women would benefit from reading this. Thank you for sharing this with me and I hope it’s okay for me to share this with others.

    1. Irene,

      Thank you for asking. Yes, please share Dina’s story, and any of the articles you find here, by copying and pasting the URL, or clicking the forward/send icon on your device.

      Please do not copy/paste the content directly anywhere else, as all content is copyrighted. Sharing the URL shares the content and respects the copyright. Thank you again.

  2. Cristina Mateas

    It is a wonderful story Constadina I wish I knew about Reiki practice when my first son was born back in 1987. You touched my heart.
    Thank you.

  3. Helen Zarokostas-Albanito

    Great article. I am sure this will help many new Moms. Thanks for sharing your personal story!

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