How much, how fast?

After 12 days of menstrual bleeding, Gina was considering taking hormones-something her gynecologist was recommending but which Gina deeply wanted to avoid. Gina’s history of menstrual distress had worsened of late. “Could Reiki treatment help?” she asked in an email.

We can never promise specific results, but in 23 years of practice, I’ve often seen chaotic hormones settle in response to the systemic balancing that comes with Reiki treatment. In fact, I’ve never seen Reiki treatment fail to improve endocrine balance (and it may not be all that is needed).

How much Reiki treatment is needed?

But how much treatment would it take? The bleeding would likely stop after a single treatment (it did), but Gina’s history called for more than one treatment. I knew she was open to the idea, but as the mother of a young child, logistics could be difficult, and the holiday weekend was nearly upon us. We booked a single session.

Gina felt so much better, and clearer, after her first treatment that she easily saw the wisdom of continuing. Four treatments on 4 consecutive days engages the body in a profound self-healing. A series of treatments and some simple lifestyle suggestions (no more plastic water bottles, please, and 3 Xocai chocolates per day) could give her gynecologist a much easier puzzle to solve.

And so it did.

Healing deepens with continued treatment

Each successive Reiki treatment brought Gina not only symptomatic relief, but also a deepening calm and greater clarity. Having fallen away from her practice of daily Reiki self-treatment, she was amazed by how off-balance she had gotten — and by how much more herself she felt each day.

The dramatic improvement in her health, happiness, and motivation put Gina back on track with her daily Reiki self-treatment. She left with a clearer eye to notice unnecessary stresses that might be avoided each day…and chocolates to share with her family.


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1 thought on “How much, how fast?”

  1. Pamela, thanks for sharing this story. For me it reinforces two lessons: the effectiveness of beginning treatment with four sessions on consecutive days, and the essential nature of daily self-treatment. I was surprised to read toward the end of the story that the client was Reiki-trained but hadn’t been treating herself! It seems like the natural thing to do, especially when facing a health challenge.

    My own experience supports the case for Reiki as a balancer of hormones (as well as everything else). A few years ago I was diagnosed with fibroids, a condition that
    my mother and my sister also experienced, and that led both of them to undergo hysterectomies in order to stop frequent episodes of heavy bleeding. I have had only one such episode in the two and a half years that I’ve been treating myself with Reiki, and my most recent exam showed that my fibroids have not grown or multiplied in that time. My gynecologist was almost as delighted as I was.

    I also have been mostly spared the discomforts of perimenopause, including hot flashes. As you mentioned, lifestyle is part of the hormonal picture too — I stir some freshly ground flaxseed into my morning oatmeal every day. And chocolate makes everything better!:)

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