Mothers Daze

Five moms came for treatment yesterday; four have husbands and young children. One works full time in an office; two are mompreneurs, meaning they work full time while being full time at-home moms.

Where have I seen such a parade of exhaustion?

These women are dedicated caregivers. Their families thrive, and love them. They are talented, capable women. Some of them are Reiki practitioners. Not one gives herself daily Reiki treatment. (I’m working on that.)

When it was time to leave, Mom #5 burst into tears. Serene a moment before, she was now squeezed by frustration and fear. She pressed me for a change-my-life to-do list.

“For now, just practice self-Reiki as you can, and come back tomorrow,” I said. “Let’s get you feeling better before giving you more things to do.”

She emailed me this morning:

I feel that HOPE you talked about yesterday!
And it calms me.
I feel that change is possible, change WILL happen, in steps.
Feel good first, you are so right.
I have let everything pile on like Atlas holding up the world, and until yesterday, I didn’t know how to get out from under.

And this morning, I remember where I’ve seen such a parade of exhaustion–
when 120 women in treatment for cancer enter the Reiki room at the JCC Spa Day for Women with Cancer.

Practice with us at the next event for women with cancer, and you’ll see how deeply refreshed a woman can be after Reiki treatment. You’ll see it 120 times.


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Reiki Support for Cancer Patients (medical paper)


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