Clinical practice

These articles help you develop your Reiki clinical practice skills so you can be more comfortable offering Reiki treatment to others, especially if you are a Reiki professional or in training to be one.

Reiki Shalala

I attended the annual Duncan W. Clark lecture at the venerable New York Academy of Medicine here in New York City to hear Donna Shalala speak on the future of nursing. Shalala is a formidable American, then president of the University of Miami, past president of Hunter College of the City University of New York,


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protect new jersey reiki

Protecting Reiki from Regulation: What You Can Do Now

Protecting Reiki practice from regulation starts now. Are you ready to be an effective Reiki advocate? Let’s begin with strategy (I’ll suggest actions you can take from home in another article). The strategy I’ll share comes from my decades of experience presenting Reiki practice to doctors and nurses. Why is that helpful? Like healthcare professionals,


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