Giving Reiki Gifts

Giving Reiki giftsA Reiki practitioner was excited to be giving Reiki treatments for holiday gifts. She knows how much Reiki helps people and she loves to practice.

Her excitement about giving Reiki turned to disappointment when a friend opened her present, discovered the gift certificate for Reiki treatment, and seemed less than thrilled, a tad uncomfortable. Awkward moments ensued, and fortunately passed without escalating drama.

But the Reiki practitioner felt unappreciated, frustrated, invalidated. Again.

If my inbox is any barometer, it’s a scenario that happens much too often.

We’ve all been there. Perhaps not giving an actual certificate, but in our own way enthusiastically extending our Reiki hands, and coming up empty.

Giving Reiki: generosity, or hidden agenda?

As disappointing as such encounters are, they don’t happen out of the blue.

If a friend has shown no interest in receiving a Reiki treatment, why would you offer one? (Pause for a little soul-searcherooni.)

Before you hurt yourself again, please contemplate what you are trying to accomplish. And the message we give friends when we refuse to take “No” for an answer. Even a subtle “No.”

Giving from the heart

Our Reiki practice opens our hearts. We feel generous. We want to share the benefits our practice has given us — gifts such as greater patience and self love, better sleep, less pain and anxiety — benefits it seems everyone would want.

But if you let that generous impulse override your sensitivity to your friends’ preferences, you risk straining relationships, and feeling badly about yourself in the process. For no good reason.

Think about it. Our friends truly share the benefits we receive from our practice. How could it be otherwise? And if friends aren’t drawn to Reiki practice the way we are, that doesn’t mean they don’t love and appreciate us. Why keep trying to change them?

Practicing contentment

Can you let it be enough that you have chosen to bring this great gift of Reiki practice into your life, realizing that everyone you love benefits even if they never accept your Reiki hands?

Can you sit still in the depths of your joy and gratitude, and quietly radiate? That would be a gift anyone can value.


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  1. Your support and help is always appreciated ! Thank You & i hope you have a very Merry Xmas & Happy New Year. I wish you and yours a Reiki Healing Blessing xx

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