Still Grateful after All These Years

Reiki Practice GratitudeLearning to practice Reiki felt like falling in love. Twenty-eight years later, I’m still grateful and in love with my Reiki practice.

From the beginning, I loved placing my hands to start each day and extending the delight with brief Reiki interludes throughout the day.

I quickly learned that even a few minutes of Reiki practice would rekindle joy, and help my body feel so much better. I wasn’t sick. In fact, I was healthy, and happy.

And pregnant.

That meant I was often tired or more than a little nauseous. My self practice changed that, immediately.

Sometimes I looked down at my growing baby bump and laughed at the girlish enthusiasm I felt for Reiki practice. How could it be so much fun to simply place hands and breathe?

Practicing with gratitude and respect

I was unabashedly grateful for a practice that helped me feel vibrant every morning, and restored that vibrancy whenever the day got the better of me.

What a boon to discover Reiki practice when my immediate future was quite literally labor intensive — first birth, then mothering an infant and a feisty six-year-old.

My gratitude inspired deep respect for Reiki practice. That and the nearly instant gratification each time I placed my hands made it easy to continue practicing regularly, as I was taught. I was so pleased and grateful for my practice that it never occurred to me to make changes or additions.

A long term relationship

My experience of practice varied — some sessions spiced with sensations, some deeply meditative, some quiet and uneventful — but I never felt disappointed. I’d been meditating and practicing yoga long enough (nearly 25 years) to know that’s just the way it is with practice.

I’d seen for myself how effective Reiki practice is and didn’t need constant reassurance. My experience of meditation and yoga had taught me that practice is a long term relationship, one that only works if I actually practice, and practice consistently. And so I did, and still do.

Practicing Reiki isn’t all I need to stay happy and healthy, but it’s an inspiring start to each day, and a soft landing at night.

For that I am continually grateful.

What’s your story of learning to practice Reiki? What are you most grateful for, and how does your gratitude guide your practice? Please scroll down to share your story in a comment. Click here if you are reading in your inbox.

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3 thoughts on “Still Grateful after All These Years”

  1. Thank you everyone for sharing your lovely stories! I can share my story..I was in a state of an emotional crisis about a year ago, which was quite exhausting. I wanted to live a better life, and I was looking for ways to take better care of myself, long term self care. I had burned out as a mom, and as a nurse, and really felt that I was in a state of dispair. I read this one book by Marianne Williamson that my friend and guide suggested, called A Return to Love. One of my friends gave me a Reike treatment session, and at first, it was just relaxing. One following sessions though, after I read this book, changed my life. It was the first time that I felt as though I was in the safest, most loving space I had ever been in. I’m not sure if I am explaining this very well..but the cocoon felt like earth and sky together. I didnt completely understand this..and though..’she’s gonna think Im crazy!’. It was an Amazing experience. I cried, I felt so loved, and so much gratitude for this. I practice on myself, and now my daughter asks for Reike treatments as well. I am still learning from what I had learned from my friend at the level 1 course. I just feel calmer, so loved, and stronger all that the same time. I learned that I was giving to everyone around me, except for myself. I have a much healthier sense of self, and grew a different kind of confidence. I am also so much more aware of love and positivity. Thank you for listening to my story. Sending much light, love, and positivity! xo Rebecca

  2. Reiki and yoga help me to maintain my in born qualities like kindness helping unconditionally sharing happiness , and harmless behaviour .

  3. Right after my Level I class in 1997, I shared Reiki treatments weekly, or biweekly, with 2 of the women with whom I took the class. At first, I didn’t really notice anything…it was relaxing, but I wasn’t sure what else. I guess I was looking for “drama,” which didn’t come. I wasn’t consistent with my self practice. I started noticing, though, that when we skipped a week, my body, mind and spirit knew it. I just didn’t feel right. Aha! Balance….that was what the treatment was giving me. You can bet that I then started my daily self-treatment!
    I am so grateful for what I have learned through this practice. Between my self-treatment, treating others, and sponsoring classes for my Master (and sitting in on them), I really started to learn so much about myself and about living with the precepts. And now that I have been teaching for the last 7 years, I am grateful for being able to share this practice with others. I am always asking my students if they are practicing. The other day someone said she is practicing daily, but on an “as needed basis.” I suggested that maybe she practice on a “just because it is good” basis… she liked that idea!
    I am thankful to have a practice that can help in so many situations, and mostly for my day to day life.

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