Gospel Reiki

The Catholic Bishops were just doing their job — not well, not to my liking, but still, it is their job, not mine. And I promise to get around to the particulars of how they could have done better in a separate post.

But in the meantime, let’s not get bogged down in criticizing the bishops (or anyone else). It leaves a bad taste in the mouth (I prefer chocolate), and moving forward serves our goals. Sometimes we have to look back in order to move forward.

As an adolescent babysitting on Saturday nights, I always hoped the parents would come home after midnight. One reason was that’s when my rate doubled (to $1/hour).

The other reason: gospel music was broadcast on WNJR. I could hardly stay in my seat.

In the spirit of moving forward, and aware that Reiki practice is only one way to connect with what I call the Reiki state, let’s dive into a Happy Day and pray that life comes to imitate art (with thanks to Dan Middleton).


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1 thought on “Gospel Reiki”

  1. In my 8+ years of being a Reiki practitioner, never once did I receive a negative response to a session I have given. In some way the recipient left with a more positive than they came with. I am confused as why a bishop would make the remarks he has. Although Reiki has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, many drugs have been approved. I see on television countless times about lawsuits being filed because of adverse effects of “approved” drugs and also these “approved” drugs cause thousands of deaths a year. I wonder why the bishop hasn’t addressed this issue. I am sure drugs have their part in the healing process and I believe Reiki does too. Thank you. Jeffrey J. Hendryx Certified Reiki Master Teacher

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