Smiles Said It All

Reiki healingMany women entered the sunlit room smiling, but others looked tentative, maybe anxious, and some were in obvious pain. A couple dozen didn’t speak English.

All were recently diagnosed with cancer.

During six hours of silent treatment on a Sunday in June, 120 women had their first Reiki experience at the annual JCC Spa Day for Women with Breast or Ovarian Cancer. Each group was quickly replaced by the next, with no time for discussion. But their smiles as they sat up after their Reiki sessions said it all.

How much will this Reiki experience change the life of any of these women? We cannot know.

But we offered them an oasis in the midst of their struggle, and their post-treatment smiles are still paying us dividends.


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10 thoughts on “Smiles Said It All”

  1. As a first time public Reiki practitioner I just want to say that last Sunday’s spa day at the JCC was a very rewarding experience for me. To be able to give those women a few moments of healing and to see their smiles after the treatment was really amazing. I am so inspired to not only make my self practice more regular and frequent, but also to get more involved in offering Reiki to others and making it more publicly available. Thanks so much for the opportunity to share and participate.

  2. Yolanda Muhammad


    Thank you for offering this experience to so many. As a practitioner it was a wonderful way to connect with the Reiki community. This was my first time at the JCC Spa Day. I loved the special way these brave women were honored and pampered. I felt wonderful being a part of their special day.


    Yolanda Muhammad

  3. My first experience at this event was life-changing. It was truly amazing to feel these women ease into a sense of calmness and tranquility through their Reiki treatments.

    I observed a distinct change in their demeanor and their curiosity was so piqued! There was much joy and many smiles.

    I loved, especially, the sensation of assisting another to feel good during a particularly challenging time.

    I also loved connecting with the Reiki community and enjoyed meeting the practitioners.

    This event is amazing and I look forward to participating in the future.

    Thanks Pamela for the honor of participating in such an amazing event.


    Rachel Kerr

  4. Luciane Raibin

    This was my first JCC SPA day and I really enjoyed the experience. I was very happy to be able to share Reike and help translating when needed. I also enjoyed meeting many of the other practitioners. Pamela you can definitively count on me for next year. Thanks to the experience.

  5. This is the 5th year I have organized the Spa Day for Women with Cancer at the JCC. Pamela Miles has been my Reiki angel from the very beginning. When I mentioned to her 4 years ago that it was my dream to give every woman who attended the spa day an individual Reiki treatment as well as an individual massage, but I wasn’t sure how to assemble the professional woman/man power to do so, she stepped right in to make this dream a reality. And every year the Reiki treatments are one of the top highlights for the participants. Many have never even heard of Reiki let alone experienced it. The quiet healing calm that emanates from the Reiki room sets the healing tone for the entire 7th floor where all the treatments take place. So thank you to Pamela and to all the Reiki practitioners who volunteered their time, energy and healing hands to those in treatment for cancer…. one participant said on her comment form…”the day was like a little slice of heaven.” Many Blessings, Caroline Kohles Spa Day Director, JCC Sr. Dir Health and Wellness

  6. It was great working with all of you. Everyone did their part in bringing peace & harmony into the lives of all who were present. This was a well organized event Pamela :-)

    You can see the woman walking away as if their spirits had just sighed, lifting away their tensions.

  7. To share Reiki in community has always been a powerful experience for me. To share Reiki in community and with such courageous and beautiful women on Sunday was a privilege and an honor. To bring hope and healing through the nurturing and non-intrusive touch of Reiki is truly amazing – but then – “we are in the business of amazing”!! Thank you Pamela for this experience.

  8. Dear Pamela,

    Sharing Reiki at Spa Day last Sunday was a deeply moving experience for me. I have been absorbing impressions of these brave women from those few minutes of quiet and stillness. Thanks for providing the opportunity for all of us, clients and practitioners, to work together in this way.

    Clyde Creamer

  9. It was a wonderful privilege to offer treatment to the Spa Day participants, especially since for many it was their first encounter with Reiki. What better way to communicate that we aren’t separate groups of “sick people” and “well people,” but simply people, all essentially the same and navigating this uncertain life with one another’s help?

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