Getting Reiki Out There

Reiki notices had been appearing on utility poles in my neighborhood for quite a while before a friend changed my life by offering me a Reiki treatment. Although I was intrigued by the street notices, it was not enough to overcome my hesitance.

It’s not that I don’t trust utility poles; I trust them to be utility poles. I have never bought anything from a utility pole.

And I certainly wouldn’t buy something related to health or spirituality from a utility pole. It’s not the way trusted businesses advertise their services.

Public Reiki Events

If the Reiki master had advertised a talk or public event, I surely would have attended. That would have given me an opportunity to see her, hear her, and evaluate what she was offering from a comfortable level of engagement. The flyer included a phone number, but the risk of getting stuck on the phone with a whacko gave me pause.

As a long time meditator and yoga practitioner, I was definitely open to Reiki, and eager to learn more. The utility pole notices showed up just a few years after Hawayo Takata’s death, so it’s likely this Reiki was close to Mrs. Takata’s practice.

But nothing in the offer gave me the confidence I needed to make a connection. I had no way to know if the utility pole was pointing me to a reliable source.

So I waited until a trusted friend offered me a Reiki treatment. Then I quickly contacted her Reiki master and signed up to learn First degree Reiki.

At that point, I didn’t have many questions for the Reiki master. I had had my own experience from the hands of a trusted friend.

Finding A Trustworthy Reiki Practitioner

Consider the plight of people today who are interested to know more about Reiki. Not all of them have trusted friends who are practicing, and many don’t even know they are interested in Reiki; they just know they want relief.

They are in much the same situation as I was in the 1980s, needing a trustworthy Reiki practitioner.

It’s true that Reiki is more widely known now than it was 30 years ago, but it’s also true that Reiki’s image has been discredited in many circles.


How will people recognize you as a trustworthy source of credible information on Reiki benefits? How can you make it easier for people in need to connect with Reiki, and you? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Reiki Out There”

  1. Can squint cure by using reiki, if it is not natural. I got this after few months of my birth, due to some reason. Is it curable. I dont want to get my eyes operated. Can reiki do it?

    1. Namrata, Reiki treatment is holistic and balancing to the entire system rather than targeting specific symptoms in isolation. Reiki treatment helps the body to heal itself, so it is possible that any symptom or condition might be relieved. Learning to practice daily Reiki self-treatment or receiving regular treatment from a Reiki practitioner will help you overall, but we cannot guarantee specific results.

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