Reiki First Degree Report

This Reiki master grinned ear-to-ear as I read my Reiki First degree student’s first month report. I share it with her permission.

Reiki First DegreeThe First Month of My New Life with Reiki
by Amirh Bahati

Wow, Pamela, it’s been a month already since my Reiki First Degree class with you, and what a treat it’s been. I continue to be pleased and surprised by the multiple and unexpected results of Reiki self-practice.

The first has been a major improvement in the pain, stiffness and discomfort in my knees. The discomfort and change in my stride began around 2007. An orthopedic surgeon produced a diagnosis of osteoarthritis with the formation of bone spurs.

The surgeon sent me for physical therapy, but my insurance coverage was ending. I tried to stay consistent with the stretching exercises the PT taught me. My joints were mad as hell and not taking it anymore! They didn’t appreciate the weight I was forcing them to carry.

Over time it became difficult, and then painful, for me to navigate stairs and impossible for me to kneel. It seemed my days of high heels and tub baths were over.

In 2011 I developed severed tendonitis and hobbled around with a cane. I hadn’t realized how large my ego is until I had to use a walking aid! And this is coming from someone who could leg press 160 pounds in the gym, a place that had become a distant memory.

Morning stiffness forced me to “uncrank” before I could leave the bed, and I’d watch my cat’s ears perk up as he listened to the castanets in my knees!

Reiki heals osteoarthritis and tendonitis

But wonder of wonders! On the morning after my first self-practice, I found myself on the way to the bathroom.

I stopped suddenly and said aloud, “Wait a minute! I’m walking!” No uncranking or clicking or warm-up. A memorable morning, indeed.

The quality and quantity of sleep has improved, too, no small thing given my history.

In previous years I’d struggled with severe clinical depression. Sometimes I slept too much – 8 to 10 hours a day when I could — without feeling any rejuvenation. I was like a battery that was never fully charged.

Sometimes I woke up in the night worrying.

In 2002, a devastating fire started in the bedroom while I was asleep. This experience kept me from fully entering sleep; I had a constant need to remain vigilant. It was like sleeping with one eye open, like floating on top of water instead of deep-sea diving.

Another problem was one that interfered with my work life: I was unable to awaken with ease and energy and often on time, no matter how long I slept, no matter how many alarm clocks were near my bed, in my bed.

Sleeping well with Reiki despite a shifting schedule

All those sleep problems have changed. Now I sleep with both eyes closed, diving deeply and gathering the treasures of profound sleep. And I do this despite shift changes.

Two nights a week I proofread on an overnight shift. Although I arrive home at nine in the morning wanting sleep, I used to be too wired and it would take hours to unwind.

Now my Reiki self-practice relaxes me to sleep in no time, often before I’ve finished all the hand positions! No more mid-night waking, no more oversleeping, no more 10 to 12 hours in bed working at resting.

For the past two weeks I have awakened fully present to the morning, before the alarm, and functioning fully within minutes!

That has changed the way I walk through my day, no longer pressed for time — and stressed for time — because I got a late start. I know this improvement will be the catalyst for a much more productive life, thanks to Reiki.

A whole new Reiki wholeness

Finally, I’m less fragmented.

For the past five years I have struggled with unemployment, lack of money and basic life necessities. I seemed calm on the outside, but on the inside I felt as if I’d been broken into little pieces that didn’t communicate with each other.

Now I feel a greater sense of wholeness and am beginning to understand the concept of balance that you discuss in your book and in class, Pamela, that Reiki practice “encourages balance in body, mind, and spirit.” Who knew it was possible!


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8 thoughts on “Reiki First Degree Report”

  1. It was wonderful and inspiring to read about the healing benefits you are receiving from your Reiki practice. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Amirh,
    What a wonderful report, a wonderful experience, wonderful growth and healing. May you continue to grow in Reiki. It is a joy to read of your journey so thank you for sharing.

    Such a fabulous reminder of the wonder of daily practice. Thank you again and many blessings

  3. Amirh,

    thank you for sharing your story! you are another amazing example of the healing and helpfulness of Reiki. i wish you many blessings and continued success on your Reiki journey!

  4. Amirh, what a beautiful essay on the profound healing and balancing effects of Reiki you experienced on all levels. Your words will inspire and encourage others. May you continue to feel the benefits of Reiki and share them with others. I, too, have moved from limiting knee osteoarthritis to being fully comfortable and even getting back to slow runs on the treadmill as a result of Reiki. I, too, have re-discovered sleep without worry. So your experiences will be very meaningful to so many. Thank you, Amirh!

    1. Elise,
      Thank you for your response. I do hope my words and experience will be an encouragement to others. Great to hear about your knees and sleep, as well. I’m looking forward to a deepening relationship with Reiki practice.

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