Reiki First Degree Update

Krista Minteer-Baysal learned Reiki First degree practice in my July 2013 class. Her update shows how effectively daily Reiki self-treatment can support people through bereavement and shock, improve sleep, and help us feel more like ourselves, regardless what life throws at us.

Reiki Healing SleepMy First Six Weeks of Reiki Practice
by Krista Minteer-Baysal

It’s been six weeks since our Reiki First degree training and I just want to thank you for offering such a lovely gift to us. I’m becoming more and more convinced that self-care is an essential skill and it’s a shame that so few of us are taught how to really put that intention into action.

I’ve been practicing Reiki every night, and also very often during the day in short spurts. The benefits have been subtle, but at the same time, pretty amazing.

You might remember from our class that my father passed away in an accident just a month earlier. I’m the executrix of the estate and in the process of closing up his law practice, among other things.

It’s an emotionally and physically draining time. However, since I’ve started practicing self-Reiki self treatment every day, things have been much easier.

Whenever I find myself feeling overwhelmed or stressed or sad, I take a small Reiki healing break and end up feeling refreshed and balanced. I feel much more prepared to handle and release the emotions that come along with whatever I’m addressing in the moment.

Reiki healing improves sleep

I used to be a pretty terrible sleeper. I would lie in bed unable to fall asleep for hours even though I was tired and wake up multiple times during the night, unable to go back to sleep quickly.

I still wake up during the night from time to time, but I haven’t had a single night where I couldn’t fall asleep, and when I do wake during the night I practice Reiki again until I drift off. The difference has been amazing. Even my husband noticed I’ve been sleeping much better.

I’ve been offering Reiki treatment to my husband a few times a week. He has also experienced an improvement in his quality of sleep and his stress levels. He works the night shift on weekends and usually finds it hard to sleep during the day once he gets home from work. He has a much easier time falling asleep and letting go of any annoyances or stress that he brought home with him when I offer him a Reiki treatment.

Reiki is deeply centering and steadying

One of the most interesting outcomes has been that I feel much more centered in myself. I feel as if I know myself on a deeper, more constant, level – even more so than with my meditation practice.

I’ve found a place of peace and strength and comfort that I didn’t know existed before. It’s very freeing to realize that I have all of that within me. (I hope this is making sense. I’m not sure there are accurate words to describe it all!)

I really believe this training came at the best time and really is the best thing I could have done for myself. I’m starting to move into a space where I would also like to share it with others. I’ve signed up for the JCC Reiki Clinic next month and am looking forward to continuing to practice Reiki as much as I can.

I’m sure none of this is a surprise to you, Pamela, but I wanted to share my experiences. Thank you, again, for sharing this practice with us. It’s been a great journey so far.


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