Can Reiki Practice Change Your Life?

Reiki Healing Changes Your LifeThe observations of new Reiki students continually inspire me. Here’s one that arrived in my inbox this week:

Pamela, since I learned Reiki practice a few months back, I have noticed changes in many aspects of my life — finances, work, romance, children, and health issues. Some areas are easy and pleasant, others clearly need changing but are harder to look at.

Is that a coincidence, or is Reiki practice changing my life? I’m finding it all quite amazing.

The change that changes everything

The changes that reverberate from daily Reiki practice can seem unrelated, but when you think about it, all the changes have one thing in common — you!

When you change, everything in your life can change, because you are the hub. If you don’t change, you can make changes in your life and still wind up back where you started.

You make one little change when you start practicing daily self Reiki, but that change starts changing you by bringing you back to balance every day.

Living in balance inspires you to make other small changes that in turn create even more small changes, most (if not all) of them very comfortable, and all heading in a health-promoting direction.

You might, for example, find you’ve become less interested in drama. You enjoy feeling calm throughout your day, and start making choices that support that sense of ease and peace.

When we feel better, we make better choices for ourselves.

It’s that simple.

What about you?

How has your Reiki practice changed your life? Please leave a short comment or read this call for entries and consider writing a guest post to share your good news.



6 thoughts on “Can Reiki Practice Change Your Life?”

  1. Michael Kovarik

    Hello, My name is Michael and I am a breast cancer survivor. I was first diagnosed in 2007 and again in 2010. I began Reiki sessions shortly before my second diagnosis. My practitioner’s gentle spirit, her healing essence, and the comforting aura of Reiki drew me in immediately. Following the second diagnosis I had an intense physical and emotional struggle with the traditional drug therapy and eventually embarked on a sojourn to heal on my terms. Reiki and my Reiki practitioner are the core of my holistic therapy. I am grateful for the spirit of my practitioner and the wonders of Reiki.

  2. This is really wonderful. My Reiki business has gotten very busy, (which is fantastic!) so it’s good to remember that it all starts with taking care of ME. A lesson which is so easy to give, and more difficult to learn.

    Simple but a great message. Thank you for sharing, Pamela!

  3. I was living alone for last 14 years .After practicing Reiki at level II for 3-4 years .I found the gap filled and now i have a wonderful love /marital life .
    there are 100 other things not possible to share at one place.

    1. I understand what you’re saying. Since practicing reiki less than a year, my heart has opened toward people and the world in general. I, too, have 100 other things not possible to share in one place 🙂

    1. Kathy, if you would like to learn to practice Reiki for yourself, this article will help you find a qualified local teacher

      If you are in the New York City area, or can travel here, it would be an honor to have you in one of my monthly First degree classes. Please read about my classes to see if you find my approach appealing

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