Communicating Reiki with Confidence

Communicating Reiki ConfidenceFor many years I have spoken about communication to diverse groups of Reiki practitioners in the United States and abroad. The practitioners hold widely differing views of Reiki practice, and speak many languages.

A few days after a recent Communicating Reiki Mainstream talk in Europe, Reiki master Georgina Brøndal sent me the following email:

I have already had two in-depth conversations about Reiki that I would probably not even have initiated before hearing your talk, and if I had, I would certainly not have felt anywhere near as comfortable talking about Reiki as I did!

Before I read the email about your talk, I hadn’t even realised how much the lack of words was holding me back, and leading to a lack of focus and a lack of a clear concept, which I have apparently longed for since I live in an area where logical thinking often seems to prevail.

It was affecting my confidence with respect to my own spirituality, and my work as a Reiki practitioner and therapist in general. I now have more focus, more clarity, and more calmness in my life.

The key for me has been to talk about how Reiki practice makes you feel, rather than what Reiki is or what Reiki does.

It has meant that people don’t immediately go on the defensive, and are much more receptive to what I have to say, so I get to share more, which in turn gives me the confidence to share more often.

Before your talk, I had all but given up talking about Reiki and spirituality at all, let alone spreading the word!

My passion has been rekindled for showing others the way to Reiki practice, whether they be family and friends, clients or complete strangers, and my inner strength has been renewed.


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