The Tao of Reiki

Reiki HealingThe Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu said, “To attain knowledge, add things every day; to attain wisdom, subtract things every day.”

That statement reflects the Asian value of balance. When we have a daily practice, we follow both of these seemingly opposite directives — at the same time — and open the possibility of balance in our lives.

Reiki knowledge

We start by adding the knowledge received in First degree Reiki training. Then we add a dedicated practice time into what may be an already cluttered daily schedule.

When we practice, we attain knowledge. Knowledge of ourselves. Knowledge that we can change. Knowledge that we can love. Different knowledge at different times.

Reiki wisdom

Part of the knowledge we attain is that we can subtract, we can let go — and if we enact that knowledge, we attain wisdom.

What might we let go of? The need to be busy. The need to embellish. The need to know that which cannot be known.

The list is endless, and ever changing.

Each moment contains its own capacity for clutter. Adding practice keeps us present, able to subtract that which is not essential, that which is hurting us and those around us, that which separates us from the joyfulness of our true nature.

Paraphrasing Lao Tzu: To attain knowledge, add practice every day; to attain wisdom, let your practice subtract things every day.

What knowledge has your daily practice brought you? What subtractions have brought you wisdom? Please scroll down to the comment section to share.


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7 thoughts on “The Tao of Reiki”

  1. Self-care with Reiki has really helped me as of late, I had completed the masters training around 2007 but had never really taken to the self care aspect, recently as in only a few days ago I completed my first 21 day self care period, It was truly amazing, the layers it went through like bands of rock mining through past experiences many of them painful over and over, The most helpful and truly magnificent thing about it was the way in which the Reiki would constantly aim for truth in each layer it went through for example In the past I would openly express anger and fight a lot, Im not encouraging violence but at least back then I had a healthier relation ship with my anger than I did after I became all “spiritual” reiki really called my bluff on so much stuff over that period always animating how I REALLY feel/felt about things as opposed to how I think or thought I SHOULD feel about things. I really do feel as if I have gotten my life back again. And this is just the begining! Thankyou to you Pamela and the various posters/ comentors as the posts and comments on here really did help me a hell of a lot during that period. On a side note I found it / find it useful to keep an open journal next to me during the sessions as I often find on the tail end of the session that I tend to get insights and inspired ideas coming forth to which I can then go forth and write down and send distant healing to afterwards, for example relationship issues, shopping lists, looming chores, I find this to be a nice way of bringing me back into a proactive mode after the session so that I can avail of both sides the luxery of the being and letting go and the artistic feel of completing tasks and projects in harmony with source, the quality of which that tends to be lushious. Thanks again. Eric

  2. Reiki has been a profound ongoing practice for me. It never ceases to amaze me that even though I’m equipped with the tools to understand its power and I’m able to help so many people let go, often times for myself, it’s much harder.

  3. This post is so timely for me, Pamela. I find that the more I practice, the more I purge clutter – around me, in my head and heart…the more I practice, the more I am in touch with the part of me that needs very little to feel like I have enough. Reiki has helped me feel inside that there is nothing lacking – in my life or within me. That every moment is ok as it is, that I can trust my inner knowing, that just simply ‘being’ is all that is really required of me. Reiki keeps me in touch with what I call the core of life, that which truly matters. And so I find myself shedding things every day – the most powerful is when I shed a belief that no longer serves me. I am finding that I’ve been holding on to many beliefs that haven’t served me for a long time, and the awakening that happens that allows me to see that is the same awakening that also opens my eyes to see the thread of these beliefs throughout my family legacy. Reiki is profound and wonderful, and life-changing. I could go on and on.

  4. Suneil Shrivastav

    This is a very thought-provoking and humbling post, Pamela – when I started my journey with Reiki I was already deeply involved in spiritual practices, but more like a butterfly – Kriya Yoga, Zen meditation, Osho meditations…nothing fixed. I was also an avid reader, and all that I read accumulated in my head – without a lot of it ever translating into changes in my being or my conduct. Reiki helped me let go of my need to intellectualize my experiences and experience everything from my head (the process has hardly even begun, if I understand myself :-) ). It also helped me let go of a host of negative reactions, and seems to have helped me open up more to life and to people in terms of letting myself get touched by what I interact with.

    At the same time, what my Reiki practice has given me is a sense of profound connection with…something – I can’t put words to it: myself? my Self? the larger universe? However, I do know this connection is no farther than my own two hands, and sometimes just a shift in perspective. The sense of refuge, of “it’s all OK” is never very far, now :-)

  5. I have been practicing living the reiki precepts in recent weeks and I have been able to let go of anger, negative emotions and stress and anxiety. I am an experienced reiki master and I have had to remind myself that reiki is not just only about working on others and helping other people but that those of us who work with the energy must also work on ourselves to be the best we can be. We need to seek out our individual paths to enlightenment. Good luck to you all
    love and light
    Marion x

  6. When I first learned Reiki, I was challenged with letting go and allowing the energy to flow. I was still trying to control – not just Reiki, but all things in my life. I began studying and studying – Reiki, chakras, etc.

    I don’t know when it happened but I entered the space of letting go of everything I learned and thought I knew about Reiki and energy. I was able to respect and allow everything I had learned to just be; I entered the state of wisdom by trusting in the energy that always was and always will be within and without me.

    It is like filling a cup full of tea to the point of overflowing; at some point we must empty the cup and becoming nothing more than a vessel of universal service.

    1. Hi Phoenix,
      I liked your last comment about reiki being like filling a cup full of tea to the point of overflowing. Yes we must be still and empty when we practice reiki and indeed meditations. In addition, in many aspects of our lives it is only when we are full up and have had enough of an issue do we reflect and change.
      love and light to you all
      Marion x

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