My Reiki Practice

Reiki healing practiceNo matter where or when I place my hands, there I am, alone with my Reiki practice, alone with myself, alone with all that is.

Practice is the time I commit myself to complete contentment, letting go of all the things I didn’t get done, still have to do, or didn’t do as well as I wanted to, letting it all dissolve so I can just enjoy being.

Being, and being myself.

Practice is where I go to meet myself.

Your Reiki practice

And you? What is your practice to you?

Of course there is no wrong — or right — answer here, just a community of people who love our Reiki practice sharing delight and inspiration with one another.

If you come up with a short description, you’ll have something light enough to carry in your awareness, so you can revisit your inspiration repeatedly, even when you cannot actively practice Reiki.

You never know how much your perspective might inspire someone else, someone who might be new to practice, or whose practice resolve is running thin.

So please be generous and offer the community your description of practice.


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40 thoughts on “My Reiki Practice”

  1. My Reiki practice to me…
    Since finding Reiki, I have been able to identify what my ego is and I am now able to control that part of me. The right circumstances, books, people and information come to me at the right time. I’ve grown so much and am now tuned into who “I am” on a spiritual level. I’m able to be, without taking on negative energy that people may imposed on me. My mind is calm instead of racing. I’m able to rationalize things in a sensible way. I’m more aware/clear of all that is. I realize that we are all connected. I encounter people that need to be heard…and I give them a view that they did not before understand or see. I offer free Distant Reiki to the many and enjoy hearing from those that received positive outcome from the healing. I also enjoy practicing full Reiki sessions to those in need. I find myself helping others in life through hearing them out, then I give back using words that seem to come from a higher power. I know this is true because the me I knew, could never pull this type of thing off. I am changing or evolving into “love” which is our true essence. Being the I am or oneness of all that is. I’ve always been more of a common sense type person, not high on the intellectual scale but now I find myself giving information to people leaving them in awe. There are so many grateful/thankful for what I have shared with them. I’m loving the ability to channel or see things from a higher perspective. Being able to help others in this manner brings me great inner joy!

  2. I have a Reiki practice because I love to see my students and clients empowered to feel the joy and gifts within themselves. When I see a woman sit up after a session and I see the light come on when she says she realizes that her relationship is abusive and that she doesn’t have to live in that situation forever, or I see someone realize that he has let go of an old crippling pain I feel so moved that I know I am doing what I am here to do. What a beautiful gift to be able to give…to help someone not live in pain or fear, and better yet to teach them that they can be joyful and live the lives they want to live!! I couldn’t ask for more in my life.

    Allowing Reiki to flow through me and to engulf my students is pure joy to me as well, and when I see their faces light up when they feel the energy flowing or feel where something is different when they scan someone I am very grateful that I have always loved to teach. They love to give and receive Reiki and they share it with such joy that I find myself tearing up during every class I teach.

    When my children, who are all attuned, come to me to ask me to help them release something or when they offer me Reiki, I see them empowered as well to see life differently than they would have without Reiki, and I know that the more ripples we can send out that help people feel joy and peace in their lives the more each of them will send those ripples out to everyone they touch as well. This is such an amazing journey we are all on, and each day I learn so much from every client or student I come into contact with. I get to share with them not only a wonderful way to live a healthy life, but I get to see them change and feel Reiki as a lifestyle and not just a session or a class.

    Reiki changed my life totally and I see it change lives each day. What more could I ask for in this life?

  3. Reiki hmm just gotta do it don’t feel right without practice.
    Firstly I learned to aid my self with health issues of the time then to help friends and family .
    Then to the earth and anywhere I can think of.
    It just is .

    1. We each have to decide for ourselves what is real, Laura. You might want to read excerpts from my book, available by scrolling down the homepage.

      If you would like to experience Reiki practice, there are a couple of articles on the blog that will help you decide who is credible from among the practitioners in your area. Scroll up on this page to find Pamela’s Favorites in the sidebar, and read these articles: Reiki Classes: What’s Right for You? and Recipe for Reiki Credibility. Be aware that there is no regulation governing Reiki education or practice, so you need to be an informed consumer.

  4. At first, my Reiki practice was about learning to give to myself. As time went by, it became more about nurturing & nourishing myself. As more time went by, I felt a sense of total surrender when I placed my hands on myself. Reiki practice has given me a calmness & a tolerance that was missing before. Life still has its problems & difficulties but my Reiki practice helps me to negotiate these times with equanimity. From the beginning, it has also been a wonderful tool for relieving various aches & pains. I was in hospital once on morphine for abdominal pain. I asked to be taken off the morphine & used Reiki for pain relief. It worked & the nurses were astounded. 🙂

  5. My daily Reiki practice has been and continues to be an immense world of discovery and insight.

    In it I have reconnected to my body and the preciousness of my human life — two major pillars that are the inner foundation for my professional Reiki practice.

    The first pillar, my body, becomes more approachable with every Reiki treatment. Some days are filled with boredom in my practice. Some are filled with joy and bliss. And others leave me feeling completely juxtaposed to my mental idea of what harmony and balance should look like. Throughout it all, however, intense learning occurs, and the miracle of my body becomes more sacred and more profound.

    The second, my precious life, is reflected in how subtle my awareness has become through my daily Reiki practice. Feeling the constant movement of my body into alignment and balance every day leaves me in a profound place wherein I can increasingly detect the slightest shift out of balance. Every day I practice Reiki. And every day I come back to a state of being grounded and relaxed. And every time that I do this I notice how sacred that tension between balance and imbalance is and how that is exactly the point. This is the journey, and to me that is such a precious view and practice to have.

    In short, daily Reiki practice has led me from the hope and fear of wanting a miracle every time I practice to introducing me to the miraculous nature of my own body and my own life.

  6. I’m still pretty new to Reiki (July 2012 level 1 initiation) but for me developing a daily practice has been more of a self healing tool. I have gone through some emotional changes that I feel like Reiki has helped me in becoming my authentic self. It has been a healing empowerment allowing me to feel better emotionally, spiritually, and physically as well. When I feel stressed, upset, or I’ll I give myself Reiki. When I feel happy, joyful, and peaceful I give myself Reiki. It is a way for me to balance myself and connect to God, and allow Reiki to work in the ways myself needs it. One reason that I love it so much is that sometimes I don’t always know what is going on with myself but I can simply set the intent to receive Reiki for the greatest good and I trust that Reiki will do/go where it needs to go.

  7. When I think back to the day I received the initiation for Reiki 1, I crossed a new threshold. A threshold of mystery, possibilities, growth, love, God and healing. Reiki reconnected what was buried. I celebrate each day of Reiki practice for it is deeply sacred. I am changed, I am Reiki and Reiki is life.

  8. My Reiki practice is an infinite set of moments of homecoming: each moment of practice is a rediscovery of all that I am, part of all that is. When I stress or worry or judge myself or others, it’s time to go home.

  9. My Reiki practice is something that has changed my life in so many ways. It’s been over six years since my first Reiki class and Reiki continues to amaze me. Through the years of practicing Reiki it really becomes part of everything you do in life.

  10. My practice is my sweet, safe place. It is a beautiful gift for which I am grateful. It leaves me feeling better, more connected. While I have always felt compassion towards animals, my reiki practice is helping me feel more compassionate towards fellow human beings. It helps me strive to be a better person.

  11. Reiki is my sanctuary. I am in relationship with my truest self, my soul place. Sometimes I feel so much love it is as though I am melting. Love going out, love coming in, marinating in love…a refuge from the exhausting twists and turns of my thoughts…the place I want to learn to live always.

  12. My reiki practice means slowing down. Slowing down just enough to notice and make contact with whatever is being hosted within and without. It’s an experience of letting “time” take time. It’s an intentional safe space where I allow myself to enter, fully, into the present moment. In experience, reiki is receptive; it is a “holding” space where my ego is supported to feel safe and loosen its grip. In doing so, an innate healing and balancing process is initiated where I am submerged into the self-healing function of what depth psychologist C. G. Jung called psyche, the imagination, or the Self.

    My journey as a reiki practitioner has been one of shifting my self-view. Of seeing myself as a powerful participant in my own life. My practice asks me each day to be more trusting of myself; to know, more clearly, the voice of fear. Slowly, over time and with readiness, my practice has allowed me to call back the parts of myself that I have abandoned or disregarded as unworkable in the past; I now see them for what they are.

    No longer meeting the world not in total dependence or total independence, but by practicing reiki, I am coming to know the balanced feeling of interdependence.

  13. Annabel Nicholls

    There are moments when I practice Reiki that I connect, deeply…to me, to the innermost part of me but more than that to the person I am treating and on to the whole. Connection….that is what my practice means to me. It isn’t always this way but I find that Reiki practice teaches me, moves me and changes me.

  14. My reiki practice is where I go to connect with the energy of the universe and all of creation. For me it’s were I go within to a place of peace and balance. Reiki is were I go to open up to the love and light that natural flow to all living things. Reiki helps me to stay in tune with my higher self while it gives the life healing energy that flows through all of us.

    Pamela, Thank you so very much for all you do for the reiki family. You are greatly appreciated and loved by many reiki practitioner.

  15. My Reiki practice is clarifying and calming; proactive and peaceful; relaxing and relinquishing; vibrant and meditative. It takes me to my deepest spaces and does not pass judgement. My Reiki practice is my core and essence.

    Thank you, Pamela, for inspiring this thoughtful consideration of Reiki practice.

  16. My daily self-practice is the time I devote to myself, creating sacred space within and around me. I am connected to the Divine essence that is part of all of us. During this time, all of the tensions and troubles of my day disappear. I have developed a greater awareness of my connection to everyone and everything in my life. I am filled with gratitude and the comfort of believing that everything is as it should be.

  17. Bernadette Waystack

    “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray my Reiki practice to keep”.
    I was never actually taught the original version of that prayer but was taught to say my prayers each night before bed as a child.
    Now it is the time I am most likely to do my daily self practice. In the morning I often feel too pressured to watch the clock and need to be getting to work on time. Before sleep, already laying down and relaxed, it helps me end my day and prepares me for the one to come.

  18. No matter what the outcome of my daily practice is, I just feel happy I´m practicing. And for this I thank you Pamela.

  19. Reiki practice is like an old friend, you can rely on when you need them . I always feel a warm glow when doing selfhealing ,its such a comfort to know i am not alone ! …………It never fails to amaze me in my practise when clients first come for healing ,they may be unsure of what to expect ,but by the time they leave they are already looking forward to their next session . Reiki has changed not only my life for the better ………….but also my friends ,babies, & animals have all had the love that is Reiki . xx

  20. Reiki practice is my hammock…the place where I go to feel supported, unbound to my thoughts that slowly start to slip away allowing me to feel the balance that is naturally within.

  21. I feel that the reiki I do- in self reiki, at my local hospital, or in my small practice at home- accesses an evolving part of myself. The silence, the slowing down and the thought open up a long dormant Self. In combination with weekly meditation, reiki has changed my life… bringing a new and deep connection to the world around me.

  22. My Reiki practice is my foundation, my grounding, what I hold onto when there is nothing left. My Reiki practice has brought me through intense life situations that I feel I could not have handled any better, and feel it was Reiki that got me through it. Reiki flows with me, in and out, sometimes I practice more sometimes less, but I know it is always there, and the more I practice the more strength and presence I feel from it, the more I have to give to others, and the better I can serve others.

  23. My Reiki Practice warms me, enfolds me, infuses me with deep and endless love and light. It draws me inwards, that I may become aware of myself again, rediscovering and experiencing both intimate, inner pieces as well as a beautiful, vibrant whole. In this infusion and enfolding, I feel comfort and compassion for myself. My fears, pain, confusion and distractions lift away. I receive and I understand. My awareness floats from myself to a deep remembering of unity and wholeness with all that is. My Reiki practice is a journey, from my everyday concerns, guiding me inward to be present with my own body and spirit; and through that presence into the peace and joy of all that I Am.

  24. Becoming attuned to Reiki and sharing Reiki has
    been like super fertiliser for the growth of my soul

    Life is Reiki and Reiki is life

    A blessing

  25. I am the ship, and life is the sea. Sure, there are choppy waters and tropical thunderstorms; at other times there is thick fog with zero visibility; at yet other times there is clear visibility but the ship seems to have hit the doldrums. My Reiki practice is the captain, the oars, the anchor, the sail and the compass at different times, and it lends itself to all these as easily as water flows into even the smallest nooks and crannies of an intricate blown glass ornament.

  26. Starting out as a medical professional, becoming a reiki master has added such depth and peace when difficult change and acceptance was eminent. As I practice on myself I can send distant reiki to others at the same time. I no longer work in a typical medical capacity as I went into kidney failure and am on dialysis. Reiki helps get me through the treatments and the after effects. I notice some amazing things happening in the facility when I practice during a treatment. It’s calmer, people seem peaceful and I have even seen angels present. When nothing else makes it better I know faith and Reiki keep me from giving up and believing without fear. I have had to learn to readjust as I only have use of one hand during treatment -the power is still there; out of necessity I’ve had to experiment, and this has made me a better practitioner. Should I be blessed a transplant I hold hopes of having a full practice.

  27. Reiki practice, to me, is love in bloom, love made tangible. From the physical warmth and tingling I feel when practicing on myself or others, the inner knowing and relaxed feeling of contentment, the connection felt with all others, all things, all that is…for me, all this comes from a loving desire to help, and I’ve found that Reiki is a perfect way to do that.

  28. Reiki practice helped me to find who I am and get through difficult times in my life as well as sleep issues that I have had for many years. When I started learning Reiki I had no idea that it would lead me to becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner. I have been fortunate to share Reiki with my friends and family and blessed to have seen healing of pain for myself and a friend. Reiki has helped removed negative energy and thoughts, of course I still struggle at times but it has given me balance in my life….gratefulness in my life… for others in my life. Reiki is giving, is healing, is comfort, is relaxing.

  29. As I grow with Reiki practice it deepens my relationship with myself.
    I value practicing Reiki on others because it is a way for me to connect deeply with family, friends, pets and strangers in a deep and loving way, crossing the barriers of the outer world in which we put up so many walls and defenses. It is pure giving.

    1. “Practice” for me, is a daily check in. A calm, soothing connection I make to something far greater than my physical self, and an important daily meditation my spiritual self NEEDS to take better care of my physical self. It’s a place where all that is buzzing around me does not exist. It is pure, and peaceful.

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