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Grace Stein practices Second degree Reiki at home in Manitoba, Canada. She completed the first WRITE REIKI series, which is offered annually. Click here to learn how Reiki free-writing can support your Reiki practice.

Grace Stein, Second degree ReikiFinding Presence by Grace Stein

Great presents. I didn’t understand why Oprah kept saying Eckhart Tolle has great presents. Finally I realized she meant something other than something gift-wrapped.

I was so intrigued, hearing about his great presence. I yearned to develop presence myself. Beyond the threshold of presence lay the promise of peace, harmony, love and balance, things I really wanted in my life.

It seemed I could attain presence through reading his books. So that’s what I did. I devoured his and every other book I could find on this topic, and developed a sense of awareness.

Despite my efforts, my awareness was fleeting, never lasting for long. I didn’t feel much closer to my goal. What was I missing?

As I puzzled about presence, I heard the word Reiki, and started puzzling again. I met a Reiki Master practitioner and made an appointment to crack the mystery of Reiki, and experience it firsthand.

As soon as I lay on her treatment table, I fell into a deep relaxing state, where I became aware of myself and surroundings. I surrendered to the moment and felt a timeless, comforting state settle over me, in which my curious mind became the observer. I realized I had opened to presence.

I decided to learn to Reiki practice, and quickly enrolled in a class.

Since that first Reiki class, I have practiced self Reiki daily with a devotion I had not felt for any other practice. My Reiki practice has taken me deeper into the exploration of my inner self. I’ve discovered that I, too, can experience spiritual presence.

Many spiritual traditions guide us to find our true self in the present moment. Those teachers remind us that the present moment is really the only time in which we exist, as we can neither live in the past, nor in the future.

My daily self Reiki practice brings that wisdom home to me. I have learned to expand into the moment while practicing, and often experience a state of non-resistance, simply being in the moment as it is.

Before learning Reiki practice, I was very reactive to situations, even those that didn’t concern me. Since practicing self Reiki daily, my patience has grown, I listen more deeply to others, and my resistance to change has lessened.

I feel much more balanced today, even when facing adversity. I find solutions to unacceptable situations more easily now. With my new-found balance, I live much more peacefully, and in greater harmony with myself and with others.


5 thoughts on “Reiki Presence”

  1. Grace, this article came out beautifully. What a nice reminder to be present, to cultivate a balanced presence. You communicated the subtlety of Reiki practice so well.

  2. Grace this was beautifully written, highlighting the most important thing we all need to focus on daily, being present. Reiki is such a perfect tool for helping us maintain our presence. Thank you for guiding the reader through what so many of us have experienced on their road to presence!

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