Reiki Self Care Revolution

Reiki Self HealingHave you noticed we’ve started a New Year’s Revolution?

A revolution in self care. Just the kind of revolution this world needs.

Today, the most radical act you can take is simply to take care of yourself. Daily Reiki self care is all but effortless, and it changes everything.

Let’s continue this healthy revolt against whatever misplaced guilt (or capriciousness) keeps you from taking better care of yourself. Let’s think it through.

Your self neglect is costly

Have you thought how much your self neglect costs you?

The benefits of prevention cannot be measured — we can’t know for sure what pain and suffering we’ve avoided through daily Reiki self care.

But we can take a clear look at the present:

How much does it hurt the ones you love when you are not happy and healthy, when you are unable to be present to enjoy them?

What does your self neglect teach your children? Don’t you want them to take care of themselves? How will they learn to do that if they don’t see you doing it?

I know those are hard questions. The truth may make you wince. But if it stirs you to practice, the truth will set you free.

Reiki self care now and always

If you are a Reiki practitioner, put your hand on yourself. What do I mean “Reiki practitioner?” I mean anyone who has taken a First degree class and received the First degree initiations.

It doesn’t matter how long ago you took a Reiki class, or how long it’s been since you have given yourself a treatment. You can start again, right now.

Reiki practice has no expiration date. You can always start again.

Communicate your Reiki self care

Continue — or start — your daily Reiki self care and tell the world. Inspire others with your Reiki self care.

If you have a professional website, put the I Practice Self Reiki Every Day badge on it, and leave a comment at the end of the blog that links to your website.

Whether you are a Reiki professional or home practitioner, share the badge on your facebook page. Let it start the conversation about self care. It’s a conversation we need the world to have.

Imagine a world in which Reiki practitioners are not splintered into scads of practice styles but fall simply into two groups: those who can say with integrity, “I Practice Self Reiki Every Day,” and those who haven’t figured it out yet.

It will be obvious to the public which professional is more credible. How much do you respect a doctor who smokes?

Grab your daily Reiki self care badge now

The I Practice Self Reiki Every Day badge has taken off. Click here to get the coding so you can add it to your website. Then leave a comment saying you did, and it will link to your site.

The badge is now available in more than thirty languages. Let’s make this a global self care revolution. Send me the translation and we’ll make a badge in your language.

But please be very careful with the translation. Although the first Italian badge I published was translated by an Italian Reiki professional, it had to be changed because it seems that in some locales, the vernacular left it open to innuendo. Ahem…

Reiki Self HealingSelf-Reiki Badge Italian  Self-Reiki Badge Spanish Self-Reiki Badge French


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