Practice Equality

Reiki healingPeople are different.

As one who savors the stimulation of diversity, I say “Hallelujah!” to that.

Surely we are all different, and just as surely, we are all equal.

Different and equal

Our equality is the light that shines in all of us, through each of us, as every one of us. Our equality is what makes diversity fun, and what gives diversity its deepest value.

Equality is not merely a concept; it’s a reality.

It is a reality, however, that we need help to perceive. And we cannot see equality around us until we’ve found our own equality within ourselves.

We don’t want just an occasional glimmer of equality; we are happiest when our equality awareness is steady.

For that, we need a steady mind.

Equality and stress

Most of us need to make a little effort to experience equality; it doesn’t just happen. Stress is more likely to happen, and when we are stressed, the mind become reactive and restless.

A mind that is restless darts outward, distracted by diversity, not remaining in one place long enough to perceive equality.

We want the mind to be like a bee looking for pollen. The bee enjoys visiting so many different flowers, and with every visit, takes the time needed to find the sweetness of each flower.

Equality awareness takes steady effort

If you want a steady mind, you need to make steady effort. Not herculean effort, but small, steady effort.

It’s called daily practice. This is how the mind settles and the awareness of equality develops.

Find your equality. Practice. Every day.


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4 thoughts on “Practice Equality”

  1. equality? I’m sorry, I just didn’t get this…. Diversity, yes we all live in a diverse world, but we are not all equal in abilities, looks, wealth, etc….. We all occupy a place and sometimes that place is lowly in the eyes of God– but your soul is embraced by Him as though you occupied the highest place. We are told by God to embrace our lowly positions (our obvious inequality to others around us) as a gift from God…, a journey, a video game to accomplish–with each diverse individual accomplishing a completely different video game, some from positions of great power and glory. I was curious about Reiki, I’ve heard about it for years, I know friends that “do it”– I’m more confused about this now. It’s about find my equality??? huh??

    1. The point of the post is not to say we have equal abilities, etc. That would be absurd; the distinctions in outer reality are clear and often pronounced. All the more reason for us to seek to experience our essential (not manifest) equality.

      Reiki is a spiritual practice. The goal of all spiritual practices is to attain equality consciousness, to experience essential equality that enables us to function mindfully and with joy in a world of differences.

      It’s actually not so different from what you have said about God embracing each soul as if it occupied the highest place, except there is no religious belief involved. We simply practice consistently to first taste, and eventually become established in, the experience that true equality exists within each of us.

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