Retreat a la Mode

Some days I just want to mainline chocolate and practice Reiki self-treatment.

And then there are the tough days…

Seriously, I realized long ago that life doesn’t get easier on its own. It needs my help.

Retreat. The word says it all. Treat, and Treat again. Yes, treat as in treatment. But also treat, as in delight. And savor. Like chocolate melting slowly in your mouth.

My daily self-treatment is a mini-retreat everyday, yet from time to time, I want more; I want to go deeper.

Just as the waves of my desire for retreat were crashing into the rocky demands of work/life, longtime Reiki master Mari Hall invited me to lead the 2009 Usui Virtual Retreat. Perfect! Instead of squeezing life aside to make room for retreat, here is a retreat I can add to my life as it is, right now.

And so can you.

All Reiki students, practitioners, and masters are invited to participate. The retreat started on Usui’s birthday, Saturday, August 15, but you can start any time you want. There is no fee, and you can engage from where you are, as you are able to. Shall we call it Retreat a la Mode?

I posted a weekly meditation, and you’re invited to share your experiences in the comment section below.

In retreat we simplify, clarify, and deepen. You can make your own retreat, or gather your Reiki community for a shared experience. The Usui Virtual Retreat is my gift to you. Please take it.

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2 thoughts on “Retreat a la Mode”

  1. Welcome, Arja. You can join the retreat at any time. All the material is on the retreat page. To get there, click Usui Virtual Retreat on the left, toward the top of the navigation bar, just above the tv graphic.

  2. Usui Virtual Retreat,Reiki practise. – For those meditations,please? I was couple week careing my paralyzed father and helping mom on her’s 80yrs birthday – so, I m quite late, but if U can send those notes and advice about meditating and threating myself. THAT I NEED in spite I have taken as habit do self-threatment regulary after I send my 1st mail to You – and I can tell how much better I sleep now!
    Arja Mashaire, Finland

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