Fewer headaches, Less meds

Daily self ReikiWe had 3 lively midweek Reiki Refreshers last month, each different and delightful. A mention in Time Out New York and my beloved Urban Zen students brought the third event to overflow.

Getting together had lasting impact for many who attended. This just in from a senior

After attending the Reiki Refresher, I immediately resumed my daily Reiki practice, which had lapsed into nothingness for longer than I care to mention. I think I just forgot — don’t know how or why.

Since then, I have been practicing self-treatment faithfully, always at bedtime and usually in the morning, unless I oversleep. If I do sleep too long, it’s because my bedtime Reiki practice has relaxed me so much that I sleep soundly.

I have been keeping records of how often I take Fioricet for migraine headaches, and my average usage has declined from once a day, every day to once a day, every 3 to 5 days. The first week, I went a whole week without taking one.

I don’t want to pretend Reiki was a miracle cure, but it certainly does help. Thanks a million!


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2 thoughts on “Fewer headaches, Less meds”

  1. I, too,had suffered also from migraine-type headaches for about 15 years before I started to practise Reiki. Although I did not start to practise Reiki with the thought that my headaches would ease, after a few months of practising I noticed that I was not having the same frequency of headaches. I noticed that I had not purchased the medication, Imitrex, for a while. I had been using 2 or three tablets a week, previously, and they were really expensive. I have not had a migraine headache for about nine years now since I have been practising Reiki. I have had one or two minor headaches, but not the full blown incapacitating migraines that I used to experience. Although it can never be proven scientifically, I thank my practice of Reiki for this.

  2. What fantastic results you have noted; that’s excellent. Not only are you benefiting from fewer headaches your other organs such as your liver are benefiting as they aren’t having to deal with the additional medication.
    Reiki is perfect for headaches, and other similar alements which affect people on a daily basis, even stress related problems such as panic attacks are eased either by receiving a treatment or by performing a self treatment once attuned to Reiki.
    1 of my students partners suffered from both headaches and palpitations (panic attacks) and by receiving a treatment from her partner her symptoms were eased dramatically so much so that the panic attacks are eased now, just by putting on some Reiki music.
    Love and Light

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