Healing Art

Reiki HealingReiki master Susan Mitchell and I enjoyed a luscious Sacred Sutras and Profane Pledges exhibit at Scholten Gallery.

We left feeling refreshed and uplifted, much as we feel after a Reiki treatment.

Art stops the mind

Japanese art is of special interest to non-Asian Reiki practitioners. It can save us from our minds, reminding us that Reiki practice arose from a cultural perspective quite different from our own.

The goal of spiritual practice is to live in the open space of the present moment (Today only). But the mind — and perhaps particularly the Western mind — abhors open space.

The mind plasters our practice with assumptions and clutter that can keep us from dropping into the spaciousness revealed by simple, dedicated practice. The busyness and ambition of Western culture has generated many benefits, but simplicity — that magnificent spiritual gem — is not among them.

Making time for healing pleasure

Please take the time to enjoy these images, perhaps with your hand on your heart.

Savor the beauty. Let its pure pleasure stop your mind and uplift your state.

The poem in the Zen scroll above left reads:Reiki healing

If you want this moon
I will give it to you
try to capture it

The poem at right reads:

I have forgotten
it is time to leave
intoxicated by the flowers

The reality of healing is supported by science, but healing remains, after all, an art.

And art is also healing.


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5 thoughts on “Healing Art”

  1. Very interesting article, I purchased some Japanese silk Pictures many years ago, when I was a teenager because I just liked them. it was not until I took up Reiki that I realised the significance of art and associating it with a good feelings that came over me when I looked at them.

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